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  • Executive Summary

    The Insurer was running multiple marketing campaign for its Customers. They want to host their portal since the campaign had unexpected spike in responses they had to frequently upgrade the hardware in no time. Also to be able to ahead of the competitors, in the digital era facing serious issues in scaling to manage peak loads. In an effort to control its IT costs, the company wanted to turn to a cloud platform. They wanted to quickly scale up additional compute capacity with Oracle database licenses for less cost and no IT overhead than by adding to its own data center assets. The management decided to use the cloud infra as it had an additional benefit of in-built security features without additional investment as the same was need for their business compliance’s

  • Current Challenge’s faced by the Customer.
  • The Insurer was running multiple marketing campaign for its Customers. They want to host their portal since the campaign had unexpected spike in responses they had to frequently upgrade the hardware in no time. Facing serious issues in scaling to manage peak loads. As the company had a wide spread nationally and their IT support and services teams had to travel every time to different branches to set the infra while regional / national campaigns, managing the operational expenses was an additional burden. Once the issues were highlighted to the Management by the CTO the company wanted to explore the cloud infrastructure to understand whether their requirements were met without affecting the current operations & ongoing transactions.

  • Infrastructural Restructuring Suggestions:
  • Being and existing infrastructure support provider, PSSPL analyzed and diagnosed the challenges faced by the customer. Reviewing the current infrastructural setup, we proposed and introduced the management about AWS services and its benefits to the customer. Addition of hardware and creating it as a liability to the company also the existing servers were insufficient to handle the incoming traffic, hence they were upgraded to a larger size instance. The Provision was made for the instances to scale horizontally at the time of peak traffic. The infrastructure was optimized by identifying idle resources and deleting them and automating back-ups & clean-ups.

  • The Solution Offered
  • PSSPL proposed to migrate the portal application on AWS – Public Cloud services, as a practice and for customer satisfaction executed a POC for 15 days, where they could provision multiple servers and host their website and run their marketing campaign from their current setup. Servers were ready in couple of hours instead of days and they have completed their implementation successfully. We addressed the problem statements mentioned by the customer, the infrastructure required re-provisioning to match the demand of the incoming traffic. Auto-scaling feature had to be included in the infrastructure to manage the peak hour’s traffic during the campaigns. Data security was not defined, suggested the importance of the same considering the nature of the business. Data management did not include back-ups and clean-ups, which were then added to the new setup.

About Customer

One of the long-term insurance provider with multiple policies & plans for corporates and individuals. The Insurer distributes its products through a multi-channel network consisting of Insurance agents, Bancassurance partners, direct channel, Insurance Brokers & Online Insurance Platform. This class includes activities involved in or closely related to the management of insurance, They also provides an option of customizing the plans, by adding optional benefits called riders, at an additional price. The company currently has 29 retail and 8 group products, along with 7 optional rider benefits.

  • Services offering Summary:
  • Considering the existing relationship and vast experience in the growing technology, PSSPL executed the given opportunity by the Insurer. Respond to its requirements for migrating its website on AWS cloud platform and Managed Service support for its IT environment. Installed the virtualized environment from testing to production and supported the customer without disturbing the ongoing transactions. Committed for a multi-year contract for support and optimization.
    During the POC execution and Go live on migration of services PSSPL team provided Onsite / offsite support from its Development Centre
    As the part of support PSSPL not only provided issue based reactive support to INSURANCE Company but also proactively identified the areas in order to optimize the cost of ownership

  • AWS Services Used:
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, AWS Beanstalk, Snapshot, Amazon Cloud Watch, Oracle Database from market place, VPC, Nat Gateway, AWS ELB .AWS RDS

    The Benefits:
  • Better availability:
  • As a result, their peak load was increased from thousand users to million hits during peak times on migration to a fully scalable and most reliable infrastructure

  • Increased Revenue
  • With increased performance, the Insurer could increase their sales and in-turn increase their profits.

  • About Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd

  • Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd, is a leading Infrastructure service provider and System Integrator with presence across India and Singapore. Established more than two decades ago, we cater to over 1200+ Enterprises and SMEs with highly experienced teams for sales, consultants and a vast pool of skilled engineers supporting their mission critical environments which covers multi-vendor, multi-platform infrastructure. We are an Advanced tier Consulting Partners with Amazon Web Services and are also a certified Solution Provider. We serve more than 100 plus customers across segment and vertical with our expertise on cloud platform.

  • Solution Architectural Diagram.