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One of the most disruptive technologies of today's times is Cloud. Cloud has made innumerable possibilities a reality. Organizations cannot do without cloud as it helps them have all their users access data, applications and services over the internet, cost-effectively.

Pentagon, armed with deep expertise in Cloud technologies and implementation, is also associated with Tata Communications Ltd. for the past 9 years to leverage its services while it provides a complete Cloud life cycle management to its customers. We meet our customer demands with implementation of innovative practices and technologies that exceed their expectations. We do all this with the help of Cloud with several benefits as follows-

  • We help scale up or down as per the requirement with the help of Cloud
  • We provide uninterrupted cloud access across all devices, at all the times
  • Free up a lot of IT space and server management hassles
  • Minimize hardware use, investments and costs likewise

Pentagon is a partner with the leaders in IT-Infra Cloud hosting such as Netmagic and NTT Company, IBM- SOFTLAYER, Amazon Web services and Microsoft Azure