Data Protection Health Check Up
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Data Protection Health Check Up

Protecting data is crucial but having a regular data protection check-up is something that will make the initial data protection effective and worthwhile. Pentagon’s Data Protection Health check-up is an all-encompassing suite that includes assessment report that highlights areas of risk identifying the weaker areas. It also recommends closing gaps, also minimizing non-compliances-

Here are a few ways we identify the degree of data health check- up that you might need –

  • What are the ways and processes of collecting personal data?
  • What is the duration of storage of this personal data?
  • What are the policies and procedures that have been adapted to manage the personal data?
  • Sense of ownership of data amid the staff
  • What happens in case of lost or stolen incident of hardware such as a laptop?
  • How secure is the premise of the organization?
  • How well protected is the website?
  • How safeguarded are the contractual agreements for contractors, agencies and temporary staff?