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  • Storage Managed Services
  • Managed services play a very vital role in any of the streams in organizations of all sizes. Each service needs to be well managed so as to operate efficiently, independently and optimally. Pentagon’s Storage Managed Services are designed to maximize the infrastructure performance of your organization in order to enhance IT innovative practices and its implementation and also help cut down on costs of ownership. Armed with expert tools and capabilities ranging that help manage and streamline operations. Pentagon’s Storage managed services optimize information infrastructure in order to drive continuous development. Service level adherence and disciplined governance further ensure that your infrastructure technology meets business needs at a lower TCO.

  • Virtualization Managed Services
  • Virtualization is a big step for any organization and many are overwhelmed by the change. In such times Pentagon’s Virtualization Managed services help achieve what the organization needs to achieve. Our service offerings help organization follow the principles of virtualization and better manage them. The shift is never easy and an expert partner is what you need to keep the business running successfully undisturbed.

    We plan and design a roadmap that creates the right ways to make the data shift from physical infrastructure to virtual while also retaining the exiting one as it is for certain purposes. This shift only allows you more space and increases the capacities of your services and offerings. It creates a grater scope for bringing in more innovation and take bigger opportunities that can pave way to better ROI.

  • Backup Managed Services
  • Backup is as necessary as the data itself. If there is no proper backup plan for your data it is as good as losing the value of it when you need it the most. Pentagon’s Backup Managed Services offer all the backup services for your data and protects your data. We ensure that safe data helps you optimize the business growth and you can take on more opportunities and explore newer avenues.

  • Residency Managed Services
  • Pentagon takes care of typical Residency Managed Services such as resource management and provisioning, monitoring of information assets, configuration, status reporting, internal and external customer support, trouble shooting, root cause analysis of any problem, documentation and operations management. Our expert team helps you with all of the above and helps add value to your business. Our onsite or remote residency services enable you the following-

    • Faster and greater ROI in infrastructure assets
    • Expand management and support
    • Improve operational efficiencies
    • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Remote Managed Services
  • Pentagon’s remote management services team assists and provides our clients with 24X7 remote networking solutions such as monitoring and management. This helps them collect logs, statistics and inventory data efficiently. Our Remote Managed services provide a single point approach to managing IT assets and resources. Our RMS does the following-

    • Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure
    • Priority response to critical IT issues
    • Monthly reports on IT environment
    • Management of various assets such as hardware inventory and software licensing