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  • Executive Summary

    With the rapid growth in the online Insurance Industry, the Company entered the online space to leverage its network and experience in the offline market to a next level through the medium of mobile app and online portal. Furthermore, easing the task of the user, Probus Insurance came up with WhatsApp Chat facility on the site that ensures that the user can ask for any queries related to services and can even opt for the desired policy. Looking for a cost optimization and lower investments to a wider market Probus started exploring options to ease its dependency on operations and empowering focus on core business.

  • Current Challenge’s faced by the Customer.
  • Being in an online insurance industry, a strong infrastructure and uptime was a critical part of business operations. Facilitating the customers on the digital platform and ensuring smooth transaction, on-primes setup caused multiple downtimes and could not support occasional increase in users. Document management and records keeping had been important as business rule. Ensuring the current challenges and adhering the compliance from Business Associational Institutes PSSPL noted the above concerns.

  • The Solution Offered
  • PSSPL on understanding the concerns and challenges proposed AWS Cloud services to Probus Insurance, spinning the servers in no time and cost saving through pay as you use model excited the Management. As an Insurance start-up for digital business, Probus found that the capex cost for IT Infrastructure and its setup efforts would be reduced and would start their business in no time.
    Understanding the concerns and process of the organizations, we proposed optimized Infrastructure cost against On-Primes for a cost effective solution to save the affront capex cost. Architected auto-scaling features for scalability of infrastructure during campaigns so that during peak hours Probus would increase the servers and downgrade when not required. Data security to be defined as the most important asset of their business as the management had analyzed. Documents management including back-ups and clean-ups of records not in use.

About Probus Insurance Broker Limited.

Probus Insurance is one of the renowned Insurance Broker in India, owing to its manifold progression and distinct lines of business it has ventured over the past years. With a strong geographical presence across the country through our offices as well as POS which offers the bandwidth and capacity to provide excellent after sales services as well as Point of Contact for online customers. It’s one of the reliable Insurance broker by virtue of our top-notch processes and customized system for auditing and analyzing existing insurance portfolios of the clients, and robust Claims Management Techniques.

  • Amazon Web Services Infrastructural Services Used
  • An AWS Partner Network Advance Consulting Partner PSSPL built a low cost and scalable infrastructure for Probus Insurance on AWS. Created instances on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) for security, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for persistent storage, millions of records of historical data stored in the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and all the while, Elastic Load Balancing is distributing incoming request traffic, and Amazon Cloud Front is maximizing speeds across the AWS Cloud.

  • AWS Services Used:
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Elastic Block Store Volume, Snapshot, Elastic IP, Amazon Cloud Watch, AWS Support Business, Amazon Lambda.

    The Benefits:

    Enabling customers to obtain insurance policies that reflect the underlying risks more accurately. This often results in 10 to 20 percent lower premiums than with traditional insurers for lower-risk groups. Transforming into a digital business helped Probus to do calculations easily. “Using AWS helped customer to reduce a 10-day process to 10 minutes. On boarding customers in no time was an efficient way to manage its business and help their clients manage their risk.

  • About Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd

  • Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd, is a leading Infrastructure service provider and System Integrator with presence across India and Singapore. Established more than two decades ago, we cater to over 1200+ Enterprises and SMEs with highly experienced teams for sales, consultants and a vast pool of skilled engineers supporting their mission critical environments which covers multi-vendor, multi-platform infrastructure. We are an Advanced tier Consulting Partners with Amazon Web Services and are also a certified Solution Provider. We serve more than 100 plus customers across segment and vertical with our expertise on cloud platform.