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  • Executive Summary

    The leading ISP strong on the Fintech software technology was facing issues on update it’s offering to its end customer. Adopting newer technology and migrating its services as a cost effective and useful for SMB & Enterprise customer verticals. Building additional hardware and maintenance cost had become a liability for the organization and a big hit on the company’s balance sheets. The CTO & CFO was given a mandate to look over the investments on the product offering and search for solutions to get things sorted at the earliest keeping the product goodwill without any compromise with low investments on IT Infrastructure.

  • Current Challenge’s faced by the Customer.
  • PSSPL discussed with the customer in detail on the current challenges faced and could understand that they were facing frequent latency issues on access of the solution by their customers, as their complete infrastructure was on primes. Security of the application as SAAS offering had become critical and compliance parameters were not met. The current infra provider was not able to manage and maintain the committed Service level agreement on uptime of application to its end customer were not met by current Infrastructure provider. The Uptimes requirement of Infrastructure lead to a huge business loss and were facing churns and revenue losses.

  • Infrastructural Restructuring Suggested:
  • PSSPL arranged an infrastructural assessment to understand the current infra of our customer. Considering the output from the assessment report customer has an infrastructure which was out of warranty and were adding servers, were the AMC cost and procurement for new servers was a burden, we suggested AWS Cloud IAAS offering for Data Base server with endurance storage to be hosted at Mumbai DC. A load balancer connecting the Web / Application server facing the end user for DNS services. 2 Dev / test servers offered in the same instance. WAF services for security of the application.

  • The Solution Offered
  • PSSPL conducted an extensive infrastructure evaluation spanning over a period of two weeks to identify and understand the challenge at hand. On evaluation we built a solution for their software product which was On Oracle data base and being the most important factor for application performance. We offered access of application on Cloud infrastructure to the nearest AWS region, easily accessible for a SAAS offering to its end customer. Guaranteed flexibility both in terms of performance, in order to accommodate the growth in business volumes, and customization so as to be able to adapt to future business changes. A seamless Oracle data base performance on AWS Public cloud environment, embarrassed the CTO. Adding of licenses through AWS market place of bring your own licenses saved a lot of cost to the company value added. PSSPL formulated an approach involving restructuring the infrastructure so as to give them a SAAS offering to its customers with high availability and better performance.

About Customer

A renowned Fintech digital solutions provider serving 450+ financial institutions across 36 countries. They offer wide range of Banking Products, Framework based Solutions and Specialized Software Services.
Their aspiration is to be the partner of choice for their clients when they think about enhancing their customer experience.
The breadth of our product offering and services portfolio brings unique convergence of domain and technology. Our processes & execution methodology have evolved to align with different customer segments, ranging from tier 1 multinational banks to mid-sized financial services organizations, small community or rural banks.

  • Services offering Summary:
  • PSSPL was been honored by the opportunity given by the Fintech ISP to respond to its requirements on providing Managed Services support for its IT Infrastructure & database on AWS Cloud, installation on virtualized environment and Support provided during the infrastructure setup and steadiness for 3 years. In this model, PSSPL team provided Onsite & offsite support through its Development Centre and ensure smooth execution of migration from on-primes to AWS public cloud As a part of support PSSPL will not only provide issue based reactive support but also proactively identify improvement areas in order to reduce the long term cost of ownership. PSSPL proposed areas of improvement in terms of commercial impact and application uptime along with business benefit. They executed the assignment by overcoming all the challenges by using aged experience on Database supporting application migration to cloud.

  • AWS Services Used:
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Elastic Block Store Volume, Snapshot, Elastic IP, Amazon Cloud Watch, AWS Support Business, Amazon Lambda.

    The Benefits:
  • Better availability:
  • By engaging with PSSPL, the Fintech ISP was able to deliver their application on Oracle database with strong uptime and security of application on scalable infrastructure. Has a fully scalable and highly flexible SAAS offering for its end customers.

  • Increased Revenue
  • Our support concurrent user’s on-demand with high performance, giving them the desired customer experience.

  • About Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd

  • Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd, is a leading Infrastructure service provider and System Integrator with presence across India and Singapore. Established more than two decades ago, we cater to over 1200+ Enterprises and SMEs with highly experienced teams for sales, consultants and a vast pool of skilled engineers supporting their mission critical environments which covers multi-vendor, multi-platform infrastructure. We are an Advanced tier Consulting Partners with Amazon Web Services and are also a certified Solution Provider. We serve more than 100 plus customers across segment and vertical with our expertise on cloud platform.

  • Solution Architectural Diagram.