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Today, organizations have enormous data available as ample amount of resources and unlimited access is making data availability and accessibility very easy. The rising challenge for organizations is how they store this data and whom do they trust to team up with for these services.

Pentagon has long established itself in infrastructure management and experts at Pentagon know the real value of data. Therefore they have established a set of processes for the right way of storing and managing data. We at Pentagon understand that future decision making of any organization is largely based on the data available to them. Therefore, Pentagon offers services that can help its clients address comprehensive data storage services that include assessment, planning, design, implementation and management.

  • Integration & Optimization

    We help you take crucial and timely decisions by developing and executing best data management practices for real-time insights on a cost-effective IT infrastructure.

  • Life cycle Management

    Pentagon develops and implements best practices for managing your information/data to facilitate and enhance excellent decision making for businesses. We help organizations with creation through disposal - on a cost-effective IT infrastructure.

  • Data Mobility Services

    Mobility management is one of Pentagon’s fortes that help provide our clients with end-point control while streamlining mobile enterprises. Pentagon not only helps protect and secure data, we also optimize the access, availability and reuse of data to support the evolving needs of applications supporting the enterprise.

IBM Storage and Data Managed Services – Partnering with one of the world’s best service providers that can manage the storage environment, we help you leverage your expertise.