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Virtualization is the key to revolutionizing infrastructure and operations. It is the enabler in reducing the server footprint; create more capacities within the organization, create more space for under-utilized functions. Floor space requirements can now be reduced along with energy consumption. Understanding the true value Virtualization and its benefits, Pentagon provides consulting services to plan design and implement virtualization in order to streamline redundant and under-utilized resources. We plan virtualization that is in line with your business objectives and our professional consultants provide the following services-


  • Certified experts evaluate the utilization and capacity of existing infrastructure
  • Recommend the choice of servers and applications for virtualization
  • Analysis of costs and benefits involved in virtualization options
  • Build:

  • To install and configure virtual software within the existing physical infrastructure i.e. servers, storage gears and networks
  • Migration of physical infrastructure to virtual within stipulated timelines to help reduce time and effort
  • Manage:

  • Monitor virtual machines
  • Manage all the virtual servers within the premise or any third-party center managed hosting facility
  • Metrics made available through customized reports