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It is not only exciting to see how technology is moving forward faster than it was in fact; the trends within technology are also changing rapidly. The ways of deployment and utility within technology are both changing rapidly too. The data that once could be stored in one place is now available everywhere and at any given time. Virtualization is the new theme in technology and it has changed the dynamics of the IT landscape to a great extent.

Virtualization is a software technology that enables running multiple operating systems and applications at the same time on the same server. Virtualization has made IT more agile, flexible and is leading organizations toward scalability and helping save costs. Pentagon’s virtualization strategy, planning and implementation enables businesses to become more productive have better performances and carry out faster deployments of workloads. This has helped our clients in cost saving as it has simplified operations requiring lesser investment in regards to time, efforts and costs.

  • Strategy & Design

    Virtualization with the right strategy and a perfect design to match the strategy helps our clients move faster with more accurate IT assessments and an improved visibility and clarity in consolidating opportunities. Thus Pentagon’s unique strategy and design is the backbone in deploying virtualization.

  • Operational Management

    A virtualized data center can be efficient enough only when it is managed well. Operational management therefore, is the key to sustainable virtualization. The need of a strategic partner to the business is the need of the time. There is a mix and match in the IT industry of various types. Most Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) are becoming hybrid with a mix of physical, virtual and cloud environments to manage the show. Also, a mix of traditional and modern architectures in managing varied applications that are being run on both on-premises and public clouds.

    In such a scenario organizations are in need of a partner who will not only assist but handle the entire operations to enhance business and reduce costs. Pentagon has been the efficient partner to companies in managing operations. We have helped our clients in consistent management, intelligent management and built-in automation.