Aertrip achieves their goal of automation and avoid any downtimes, along with enhanced security and disaster recovery solution using AWS services.

Executive Summary

Aertrip founded in 2012 and headquartered in Mumbai, they are a small group of passionate people who intend to solve problems of travellers by building simple and magical interfaces – which saves travellers a bunch of time and effort in their travel planning, booking and organising. And with natural experiences, comprehensive information, convenient & unobstructed design, put together, Aertrip is the easiest way for people to book their travel.

Current Challenges by the Customer

Aertrip is an online travel booking platform that provides services for flight ticket bookings, hotel reservations, and car rentals. They wanted to host website and mobile application on AWS. They are using different language and framework for their application.

Project1 and Project2 were build and tested locally and deployed manually on AWS due to this customer had to spend a lot of time and money managing the individual services to sustain proper functionality.

Project2 was deployed on two EC2 instances, one for application hosting and another for database which limited the application availability when load increased, and the developers had faced issues updating the application with new features during the same period..

Customer were facing latency issues caused mainly by unpredictable traffic. Most of the time these traffic surges used to occur quite frequently which was becoming an obstacle.

During the campaigning phase of the projects, the application was prone to series of cyber-attacks. One of the most prominent one out of them was bot attacks.

They did not want to patch their AWS EC2 instances manually and had issues with managing the patched instances and its respective compliance requirements.

The Solution Offered

Description of the detailed solution provided as below:

According to the requirements we have used 3 approaches for hosting the projects using Automation and DevOps features offered by AWS.
To avoid manual hosting of the servers for project 1 and 2 we offered them two different pipelines. AWS CodeDeploy was used in project 2 and AWS ECS for project 1. Both ensured that the projects were deployed with the ability to scale and remain highly available throughout the load variations by setting required Auto Scaling Groups and Load balancers.

We offered to re-architect the project2 entirely due lack of availability and consequently difficulties in updating the app with new features. New AWS Code Pipeline was implemented to automate the deployment process. AWS CodeCommit was used for source control, AWS CodeBuild was used to build the code and perform some testing, and as previously mentioned AWS CodeDeploy was used as for auto-deployment. Database was migrated from EC2 server to RDS.
For Project1 we suggested and implemented AWS ECR and ECS service and to automate the deployment and testing we have created Code Pipeline using Code Commit, CodeBuild service.

We offered AWS Patch Manager for scheduled patching of the AWS EC2 instances. As per their organisational requirements, the instances had to be patched for every 3 months. It also collected data related to any vulnerabilities and errors in patches.
For Disaster recovery of the current infrastructure, we have configured EDR service in Singapore region with RPO as 1-2 Min and RTO as 15-20 Min.
Customer wanted to deploy Project3 on AWS using AWS Beanstalk and integrated with RDS for MySQL. Customer didn’t require automation for this project.

Amazon Web Services Infrastructural Services Used 

Amazon Elastic Container Service

Amazon Elastic Container repository service

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Service

Amazon Elastic Disaster Service

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS for MySQL)

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2)

Amazon Auto-Scaling group

Amazon CloudFormation

Amazon CodeCommit

Amazon CodeBuild

Amazon CodeDeploy

Amazon CodePipeline

Amazon Elastic Block Store (AWS EBS)

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC)

Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (AWS ELB)

Amazon Secret Manager

Amazon Systems Manager

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3)

Amazon Backup (AWS Backup)

Amazon Route53

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudTrail

Amazon KMS


AWS Config

Project Start Date: 03-06-2022

Project End Date: 04-08-2022

The Benefits:

  • By implementing Code Pipeline, we were able to automate the release process and reduce deployment time, and Autoscaling improved the scalability and high availability of applications.
  • Re-architecting project2 helped the developers to update the application with different features without having to introduce recurring down times as the new architecture ensured that application was high available and since the building, testing and deployment was automated, time-to-market of all the updates was significantly reduced.
  • We have implemented AWS ECS service for containerized application and to automate the deployment we used AWS Code Pipeline which improved the scaling and high availability of application.
  • Due to the implementation of CloudFront and WAF resolves the latency and mitigate the unauthorized traffic which improves the security of application.
  • Due to the use of Code Build service, build time was reduced and the setup of an on-prem build server was eliminated.
  • In order to avoid the issues that occur while manually managing the patches of EC2 instances SSM Patch manager was utilized.

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