We Enable You to Achieve Optimal Cloud Solution with Our Multi-Cloud Strategy!

Multi cloud architectures utilize different public, private and hybrid cloud services and is a clever investment strategy for all levels of organizations. With the strategic mapping of your cloud management tasks with single or amongst multiple cloud service providers, we help you in adopting multi cloud environments that can achieve greater efficiencies in a cost-effective way.

Our Multi Cloud Services Ensure –

Greater options availability and resiliency

Vendor Management and Lock-In period management

Added robust and comprehensive security

Business Continuity

Managed services across cloud platforms

Reduction in IT expenditure

Cost performance optimization with multiple choices

Our partnership with world-leading technologies


Why Should You Choose Us

PSSPL offers holistic multi cloud  platforms and services such as consulting and management, 24/7 monitoring,

maintenance, and support to your organization. We serve your organization as a single entity to contact and hold the responsibility for your complete cloud infrastructure.

PSSPL Cloud Services

Cloud Consultation Service

We enable you to select the best in class cloud technologies and map out a cloud strategy for your business.

Our cloud strategy ensures –

  • Increased time to market
  • Improved efficiency
  • Optimized cloud investment

Cloud Migration Service

Our agile cloud migration service gives every business a customized plan that is as unique as their needs.

Our cloud migration strategy ensures –

  • Scalability as required
  • Efficient integration of systems
  • Better storage facility.
  • Robust and quick disaster recovery

Cloud Optimization Service

We meticulously connect with your existing cloud infrastructure to integrate it with your business processes to come up with the best cloud solution.

Our cloud optimization ensures –

  • Consolidated cloud infrastructure
  • Standard processes across the network.
  • Periodic consultation and review.
  • Optimal management of consumption and spend

Cloud Digital Service

Provide your users with an access to raw computing resources such processing power, data storage capacity, and networking on the cloud.

Our digital service ensures –

  • Flexibility in the business process
  • Security to the users and applications
  • Better collaboration using cloud infrastructure

Cloud Managed Service

Automate and enhance your business operations with our Managed cloud services by outsourcing your routine IT management for cloud-based services and technical support.

Our managed service ensures –

  • Management of complex hybrid multi cloud environment
  • Automation and optimization of business processes
  • 24/7 support to the users

Cloud Security Service

Streamline compliance, governance & security monitoring for your cloud infrastructure with the best in market technologies.

Our security services ensure –

  • Comprehensive monitoring of business processes
  • Continuous support to your business
  • Effective disaster recovery and backup