Data Storage applications helped Siyaram take its business a notch higher!

About the client

In 1978, Siyaram’s came into being to weave your expression into outfits that you can do. Since then, they’ve been synonymous with dynamism and individuality which is neatly exhibited through their men’s fashion. The warmth of culture and the comfort of couture in each of its brands – Siyaram’s, J.Hampstead, Cadini, Oxemberg, Mozzo, and Casa Moda (Home Furnishing) have given them the edge and the coveted space in your lives. Siyaram’s ably houses an annual production of over 80 million meters of fabrics annually. They provide a diverse range of fabrics such as polyester, viscose, polyester cotton, 100% cotton, 100% wool, 100% linen, TR, etc. Siyaram’s has carved a niche in the wardrobe and hearts of its elite loyalists for creating a mélange of cultural intricacies and avant-garde vogue. Siyaram Silk Mills Limited is a Mumbai-based textile manufacturer seeking guidance for storage solutions for data availability and scaling up their performance possibilities to thrive.

Executive Summary

A company that believes in its impeccable efficiency must upgrade and update with new changes to scale up the ladder. Pentagon System & Services, an advanced tier solution provider, identified the pain points and commenced working on them. To optimize the current IT infrastructure, a few add-on systems were recommended by us to the client. Application performance with high availability and capacity planning to meet the demand of the IT operations. Data storage and management were the critical points identified, and we proposed the solutions accordingly. In our solution, we upgraded the client to IBM Flash Storage for performance and data availability.

Current challenges faced by the customer

On multiple discussions with the decision-makers and with the company’s future roadmap, we noted a few challenges they faced that needed immediate solutions.

  1. Siyaram was using SAP ECC Application for enterprise resources planning which was incompatible with their current workload.
  2. Swifter Data transactions were an absolute necessity.
  3. Siyaram using SAP ECC Application for enterprise resources planning. During their official month-end, clients started facing data performance issues and needed more storage space for the existing IT infrastructure as data was rising rapidly.
  4. The biggest concern was the Data Storage space, considering the company’s upcoming plans.

Infrastructural Restructuring Suggestions

Pentagon identified the current IT infrastructure and recommended IBM Flash Storage, which ensured meeting the clients’ expectations. With a redefined view of the entire system, IBM Flash Storage replaced the old SAS technology-based storage device. Based on this, the practical solutions applied for a new technology-based storage device to implement for performance and data availability.


The Solution Offered:

  • Pentagon, along with the client’s IT & Business Team conducted an extensive infrastructure evaluation & offered the switch to IBM Storage System as per the client’s requirement. It met the challenge of managing massive volumes of increasingly valuable data.
  • In the current scenario, storing this data can be costly, and extracting value from the data is becoming more complex. IT organizations have limited resources but must stay responsive to dynamic environments and act quickly to consolidate, simplify, and optimize their IT infrastructures.
  • Hybrid flash storage simplifies data delivery with enterprise-class data services that achieve the best balance of performance and affordability for entry workloads.
  • Smart, self-optimizing solutions are easily managed, enabling organizations with all-flash or hybrid configurations to overcome storage challenges as they grow. High-density tiers of flash storage in an affordable package include compression, deduplication, and AI-powered predictive analytics.
  • Evolve as your business requires with easy-to-use, rapid IBM Flash System entry-level storage. With the helpful and highly skilled workforce at Pentagon System & Services, we made sure to offer the best solution to our clients and help them take their business a notch higher. It took approximately one month to complete the entire installation & commence implementation.

Services offering Summary

  • The customer was offered services from Pentagon with managed service support, enabling them to get acquainted with new systems efficiently.
  • The installation of the IBM Flash system will surely be the best solution for all the current business challenges.
  • Investing in the IBM Flash System provides the client with not only the best product but also our proactive monitoring & risk identification methodology. All of this, bearing in mind the compliance & regulatory requirement of the customer.

IBM Services used

  • Due to the need for data management & efficient storage, a customized solution was created & eventually, the client shifted to IBM Flash System.
  • The hybrid flash storage simplifies data delivery with enterprise-class data services that achieve the best balance of performance and affordability for entry workloads. IBM Flash System offers a solution that boosts business growth with easy-to-use, entry-level storage.

About Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd

Over the last 25+ years, Pentagon has been a leading solution provider & extensively operates across India & Singapore. We provide innovative IT solutions, IT infrastructure management services, server & storage virtualization technologies, facility management services, and AMCs. Established more than two decades ago, we cater to over 1200+ Enterprises and SMEs with highly experienced teams for sales, consultants, and a vast pool of skilled engineers supporting their mission-critical environments, which cover multi-vendor, multi-platform infrastructure. 

Primarily in the western region of India, Pentagon is consistently a strong partner & is simultaneously boosting its services across the nation. Pentagon has a dedicated Cloud Business Unit, skilled across multiple vendors and Multi-Cloud Practice with over 10+ Years of experience and 350+ customers on just Cloud services & certified Resources/Experts for Managed Services.