DuFlon Case Study

Pentagon was contracted to overhaul the data governance infrastructure for a global leader in advanced manufacturing. The customer was running SAP HANA on old infrastructure and was looking to accelerate IT efficiency, business continuity and a frictionless user experience with an upgraded server system.

Pre-Implementation Environment

Infrastructure: IBM Power 8

Software: SAP HANA

OS: SUSE-Linux

Executive Summary

The previous HANA+Linux server combination was not performing optimally. Pentagon foresaw a need to upgrade the existing infrastructure that housed an older generation processor and could not deliver the same capabilities as those of newer processors

The existing Power 8 fell short in terms of scalability in its ability to support large memory configurations and high-demand workloads.

With tech companies shifting its focus on developing newer technologies, the support and resources available for older versions would inevitably become limited over time, in turn impacting system updates, software compatibility, and access to new features and enhancements.

Power 8 processors have higher power consumption compared to more recent processor designs. This resulted in increased energy costs and required cooling infrastructure to be put in place.

The current OS was causing bottlenecks and an obstructed environment that was hindering critical workloads and affecting overall efficiency.


Pentagon offered a IBM Power 9 for its hyper-scalability, increased integration capabilities, enhanced security features, such as PowerSC and PowerVM Secure Boot, as well as excellence in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning workloads. Pentagon also recommended updating the current SUSE to the latest version for more advanced features.

¬†With ample relevant customer references and real-world use cases in manufacturing context, Pentagon demonstrated how the solution successfully met complex requirements, providing strong evidence of the system’s capabilities and suitability for implementation


Pentagon integrated the existing SAP HANA system with a newly installed IBM Power H922 enterprise server, utilizing Power VM as the virtualization technology, with VHMC and IBM Spectrum loaded in the virtual environment. This integration allowed for improved performance and flexibility in managing the SAP HANA infrastructure.


As part of the implementation process, the recommended IBM services procedures were diligently followed during the integration of the existing SAP HANA system with the newly installed IBM Power H922 enterprise server.


By leveraging the advanced capabilities of the IBM Power H922 server and optimizing resource utilization through Power VM, the solution achieved faster response times, enabling quicker transaction processing. This improvement translates into a more efficient and responsive user experience, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

¬†Furthermore, the new infrastructure demonstrated an increased capacity to handle a higher volume of users. The robust architecture and enhanced performance capabilities of the IBM Power H922 server, combined with the efficiency of Power VM and IBM Spectrum’s storage optimizations, enabled the system to scale and accommodate a larger number of concurrent users without compromising performance.

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