Picture this, you just realized all the data on your “memory card” is corrupted, you’re broken & the loss of “data” feels like a loss of an asset. As a generation that grew up using physical mediums to store data, it was anything but obvious that we realize its cons & come up with something that overcomes it all while carrying out the same task. Data storage has evolved tremendously over the past few years & what we have today is nothing short of a miracle. Aptly named the “cloud”, it’s a data storage structure that lets you access stored information from anywhere, anytime & on any device. Cloud storage lays the foundation for almost every application out there, thanks to its portable nature, making it an essential component of not just applications but also the organizations that run these applications. The IBM Spectrum suite is a one-stop-shop that caters to all the cloud storage needs of any organization, here’s how

What is IBM Spectrum?
The IBM Spectrum is a storage software solution that made its inception in the year 2015. The IBM Spectrum can help businesses improve the way they store, manage, protect & carry data and it boasts hassle-free central data management on more than 300 devices. The IBM Spectrum boasts a data process speed of several yottabytes (one yottabyte is equivalent to trillions of terabytes).

What are the advantages of IBM Spectrum?
Computing & Data Processing has seen a humongous growth in terms of both complexity & volume in the last decade. Traditional storage systems cannot comprehend the sheer volume of data. Concerns like data portability pose a huge concern for companies that mainly deal with data. Yes, storage options like block storage can definitely be scaled up but then again the cost, complexity & licensing becomes a hassle and time-consuming process. The IBM Spectrum is one solution to all storage concerns. IBM has gone through historical data & understood the problems faced by the customer when it comes to not only using a storage service but also the purchase & scaling-up experience. Keeping all this in mind IBM released the IBM Spectrum a one-stop shop for all storage needs. Here are some key benefits of the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite:

1) Easy Financial Planning:
Pay per TB price, you pay for the amount of storage & not for the type of storage preference.

2) Scale-up with ease!
An all-in-one storage solution that eliminates the need for multi-vendor applications.

3) Get IBM’s impeccable support
Experience IBM worldwide support for this Software-Defined Storage solution.

What are the key components of the IBM Spectrum Suite?
The way we see & store data is being transformed into a software-driven approach; it only makes sense to upgrade to a storage option that supports this change in the world of data storage. IBM Spectrum has been designed in a way that gives you access to speed, portability & adaptability like never seen before. The IBM Spectrum suite gives you access to seven key components from the IBM Spectrum Storage Family:

1) IBM Spectrum Control:
A one-view data management software that executes data monitoring, automation & analytics. The IBM Spectrum can be enabled for multiple-vendor storage systems, storage area networks, cloud storage & other forms of storage options.

2) IBM Spectrum Protect:
Hybrid cloud data protection for physical servers, applications & virtual environments.

3) IBM Protect Plus:
Protect your Virtual Machines completely, an easy-to-setup & scalable data protection option.

4) IBM Spectrum Archive:
Get graphical & direct access to IBM tape drives & libraries.

5)  IBM Spectrum Virtualize:
Virtualize mixed block storage environment & improve efficiency, reduce costs along with efficient data management. Make your existing block storage cloud-ready & efficient.

6) IBM Spectrum Scale:
Get the most advanced storage management of unstructured data for cloud, big data analytics, objects & more. Enable global collaboration with lower costs of cloud tiering.

7) IBM Cloud Storage:
Faster scalability to flexibility, IBM cloud storage does that & more with geo-dispersed availability & security.

8) IBM Spectrum Discover:
Modern AI workflow combined with metadata management to accentuate exabyte-scale file & object storage that enables multi-cloud support.

When it comes to data storage options & multiple-vendor offerings, choosing the best suitable option becomes a task. On the other hand, processing this vast amount of data, computing, analyzing the results, solving a data storage issue, and scaling up data storage, all these problems cannot be solved by a multi-vendor option. Sure things might seem calm for the short term but eventually, the incompatibilities will soon pose a threat to both scalability & finances. With IBM Spectrum there is absolutely no need to go through a tiresome licensing process or spend time calculating how much you have to pay for the storage. With a single license policy & pay per byte pricing structure followed by an array of essential key components that virtualize, analyze, store & compute your data effortlessly, the IBM Spectrum is the most convenient, price-sensitive & viable option for companies that are looking for the best, cost-effective & relevant cloud storage integration for their data services.