In an age demanding scalability and flexibility, it has become challenging for organizations with restricted budgets to keep pace with innovation in business. Organizations are racing to adopt new technology trends and innovations to meet new business demands and stay ahead of the competition. Less complexity, greater productivity, more agility, and higher utilization of resources – all lead to increasing in capital expenditures (CapEx) and operational expenditures (OpEx).  

IBM positions Linux as an innovative, flexible computing platform that brings flexibility and innovation to its legacy systems by embracing open-source-based technologies and open source communities. LinuxONE is the most powerful most secure computing platform that supports open source solutions and the open-source community to enable greater access to the developer community. The LinuxONE platform empowers organizations to create innovative solutions at a competitive price by offering a new portfolio of hardware, software, and services solutions. 

Designed with flexibility and innovation in mind, LinuxONE brings together IBM’s expertise in bringing secure, resilient, and scalable enterprise-grade Linux capabilities with the openness of the Linux operating system. 

Why choose LinuxONE? 

Build once and deploy anywhere: Using open-source tools, and on a platform purpose-built for the cloud, IBM LinuxONE enables organizations to build and deploy anywhere with consistent management and orchestration through Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Paks®.  

Encryption everywhere: With built-in cryptographic cards and firmware-based partitioning, including EAL 5+ workload isolation, IBM LinuxONE keeps data protected from internal and external threats – at rest and in flight. 

Cyber resilience: IBM LinuxONE provide 24/7 availability and the best security by minimizing the impact of internal and external attacks by isolating workloads with the new IBM Secure Execution for Linux. 

Flexible compute: Regardless of the size and capacity needs, with LinuxONE, organizations can deploy compute resources flexibly and on-demand. 

Unleash the full potential of IBM LinuxONE Systems with an innovative financing solution 

LinuxONE is a cost-effective platform that enables you to affordably unleash the full potential of enterprise-grade Linux capabilities, combined with the flexibility of open technology solutions. IBM LinuxONE provides a simple, manageable, predictable pricing model for consolidating IT footprint and achieving superior performance.  With the LinuxONE Elastic pricing model, organizations can control their infrastructure costs through cloud-like, on-premise pricing rates and achieve both the financial and IT flexibility needs to deploy innovative technologies on LinuxONE Systems™ 

LinuxONE Elastic pricing model allows customers to pay-for-use, pay-per-core, or rent with no upfront payment and returns after one year. The IBM LinuxONE elastic pricing options give you the freedom to purchase the desired capacity and add more as and when required. 

Benefits of IBM LinuxONE Elastic Pricing Model: 

  • Organization can accelerate the transition to Linux and Open Technology running with enterprise computing capabilities. 
  • Organizations can take control of their infrastructure costs and say goodbye to the hundreds of commodity servers that create unnecessary cost, complexity, and latency. 
  • With affordable and flexible financing options, organizations can now bring innovation to their system. 
  • Organizations can reap the benefits of a resilient, high-performance system and deliver premium user experiences in today’s digitally-driven economy. 

IBM LinuxONE provides organizations with cost-effective, flexible, open-source software to have the flexibility and persistence that businesses demand to control their IT infrastructure footprints and provide their users and customers with data and insights.