LTTS Techgium achieves high performance, better integration and automates their solution by migrating their Microsoft workloads on AWS Cloud.

About the customer

TECHgium® is an open innovation competition which provides students an opportunity to work on major engineering challenges being faced by the industry today. The initiative was first launched by LTTS in 2016.The primary objective of the initiative is to ignite young minds and provide exposure to real challenges faced by the global industry, thereby making it more than just a project or a challenge.

Through this platform, students will get an invaluable opportunity to work on futuristic technologies and augment the solution development team of LTTS, while getting recognized as a TECHgium® innovator. Importantly, LTTS is helping build a talent pool who will bring a practical solutions mindset to the industry and not limit it just to theory. Supporting them would be the faculty and top industry experts, thereby exposing them to the industry early in their career.

Executive Summary

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a global leader in Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. With 719 patents filed for 57 of the Global Top 100 ER&D spenders, LTTS lives and breathes engineering. Their innovations speak for themselves – World’s 1st Autonomous Welding Robot, Solar ‘Connectivity’ Drone, and the Smartest Campus in the World, to name a few.

Techgium is a project initiative under LTTS where students from various colleges around the globe compete against each other on multiple objectives to achieve excellence.

Current Challenges by the Customer

LTTS Techgium team required a high-performance multi-tier architecture-based environment to develop & deploy their project without requiring worrying about things like performance, scalability, reliability, security, etc.

They were looking for an alternative solution that could help them in better integration with their existing ASP.NET application by having features like high availability, fault tolerance, patching, etc.

Having backup policies scheduled in place for the Servers provisioned to ensure that the infrastructure could be restored back in event of a failure/disaster of the services or region.

They needed to have an automated solution in place for having the Servers run only during business/office hours & thus reducing the hassle of any manual intervention of managing it which would result in better cost-optimization.


The Solution Offered


Web Application Firewall (WAF) was deployed to filter the traffic to the UI server based on pre-defined rules.

Application Load Balancer (ALB) was suggested for load balancing on the application level for the auto-scaling group.

RDS with MS-SQL Server for High Availability was suggested to the client by our team.

Multi-tiered infrastructure was suggested to better ensure robustness and flexibility while becoming scalable.

Autoscaling was suggested for the public-facing Server be better to handle traffic during peak hours.

CloudWatch was suggested to keep track of server performance using various metrics.

Amazon Web Services Infrastructural Services Used 

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2)

Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (Amazon ELB)

Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)

Amazon Virtual Private Gateway (Amazon VGW)

Amazon Internet Gateway (Amazon IGW)

Amazon Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF)

Amazon Direct Connect

Amazon Transit Gateway

Amazon Identity and Access Management (Amazon IAM)

Microsoft Services Used

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft.NET / .NET Core framework

Microsoft IIS Manager

Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory Users & Groups

Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition

The Benefits

Saving on On-premises infrastructure cost

By hosting their infrastructure on AWS Cloud. LTTS could save costs incurred in on-premises hardware purchase, maintenance, power consumption, dedicated space for Servers, etc.

Achieved infra level High Availability with SQL Always on

On top of Amazon EC2 high availability, we have configured Instance level high availability with help of windows failover clustering and SQL Always on availability group for the database.

Shifting from traditional IaaS DB hosting to the PaaS offering MS-SQL RDS

Once the application was hosted using RDS based on MS-SQL Express edition for both Prod & UAT DB, the client benefited from some of its key features like high availability, automatic backup, patch management, etc. which reduced the overall hassle for the client on both the licensing part as well as the manageability part.

Backup with unlimited storage with S3

Local Database and Application files backups are scheduled to move on Amazon S3 to reduce the backup storage cost.

On-demand Cost Optimisation

We have scheduled the AWS Lambda function to automate the start and stop of Amazon EC2 servers (9 AM to 11 PM) as per client working hours, resulting in on-demand instances cost saving.

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