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About the client

Aegis Group plays a key role in India’s downstream oil and gas sector, and its flagship company, Aegis Logistics Limited, is India’s leading oil, gas, and chemical logistics company. Their vision is to be the industry leader in our business segments by delivering superior customer service with a focus on quality, safety, and environmental standards. The Group has five distinct but related business segments, and operates a network of bulk liquid handling terminals, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) terminals, filling plants, pipelines, and gas stations to deliver products and services. Their client base includes many leading industrial companies in India as well as individual retail customers whom they serve at Aegis Autogas stations.

Executive Summary

Since 2008, Aegis group has been striving for continuous improvement in its operations, upgrading to an advanced system, for the well-being of their IT infrastructure was on priority, and that’s where we at Pentagon assisted the Aegis group in building and restructuring their IT infrastructure with some system updates. After a thorough research team Pentagon advised the organization to consider the IBM Power system for SAP application and IBM Flash system 5010 for storage. Ensuring a hassle-free work experience and with IBM POWER® processor-based servers, you have the flexibility to fit seamlessly new applications and workloads into a single data center, and even consolidate them into a single server

Client Requirement

  • Aegis looked for a robust infrastructure for SAP application, which should be able to fulfill the current SAP ECC needs and, in the future, handle SAP HANA requirements.
  • Pentagon did a thorough analysis and research of all the possible solutions we could offer to help the client scale up their business, manage workloads and give maximum return on the investment.

Infrastructural Restructuring Suggestions

  • After a thorough analysis, Pentagon recommended IBM Power Systems for SAP based on the challenges put forth by Aegis. Moreover, for their future expansion plan, it was beneficial for them to switch to IBM Power Systems for SAP which can handle their future SAP Requirements
  • Storing data & extracting value from data is becoming tedious and costly. IT organizations have limited resources & must stay responsive to dynamic environments and act quickly to consolidate, simplify, and optimize their IT infrastructures.
  • IBM® Flash System 5010 provides a more ingenious solution that is affordable, easy to use, and self-optimizing, which enables organizations to overcome these storage challenges.

Solution Proposed by Pentagon- IBM power system for SAP

Pentagon System and Services, along with the client’s team conducted an extensive infrastructure assessment which included the study of current IT infrastructure and the solutions which can be proposed for the growth and gain in productivity.

  • The technology utilized was RISC-based IBM Power system with Power 9 processor, AIX as the primary operating system, and flash technology base IBM flash system 5010 for storage.
  • For future SAP HANA applications, the same system would have the capacity to support Linux. The solution was implemented at the Primary Disaster Recovery site. The entire production/test/development environment was implemented on IBM power VM virtualization technology.
  • The production environment was also implemented on IBM Power HA-based technology for high availability at the primary site. The physical implementation of the base system was entirely planned, and then virtual machines were created on the Power system with Power VM.
  • Implementation of VIOS and OS took place in virtual machines. Then other virtual machines (LPAR) were mapped to different LUN in flash system storage. Also, we established HA for the production of LPAR. Also, we followed a similar process for the DR site too.
  • It took approximately one month to complete the system installation. The system established a smooth business function for productivity improvement. No specific strategy was deployed, but every activity from the design to the solution, procurement to implementation of the solution, was executed as scheduled.
  • The decision-makers of the organization monitored every activity. There were no problems setting up the system, and the technology was implemented systematically and followed the standard industry procedure.
  • The notion was to increase the future productivity of the organization as well as reach its current objectives. Installation of the system is an investment accomplished by the company for its future business goal. The pentagon team commenced structuring the infrastructure to assure the committed infrastructure uptime & rapid adaptation of solutions were consulted and enforced.

Business challenges and needs

The future growth of Aegis logistics had to switch to SAP application and IBM Flash System for all its data storage needs. The evaluative approach was adopted, and considering all the pros and cons, Aegis, with the guidance from Pentagon, decided to go ahead with IBM Power System for a business application like SAP.

Services Offering Summary

We provided the client with managed service support for IBM Power System for SAP and IBM Flash system 5010 for storage, configurations that were designed to meet the needs of midsize businesses. 

It successfully fulfilled the requirement to equip organizations to consolidate and share data at an affordable price; the system offers advanced software capabilities. 

 Our proactive assistance identifies needs based on their current infrastructure and future expansion goals.

IBM Services used

  • IBM Power Systems for SAP was used to run SAP workloads to take advantage of IBM Power Systems I/O capabilities. With IBM POWER® processor-based servers, you have the flexibility to seamlessly fit new applications and workloads into a single data center and even consolidate them into a single server.
  • IBM Flash systems 5010 manages massive volumes of increasingly valuable data. But storing this data can be costly and extracting value from the data is becoming more complex.
  • Our client was satisfied with all the inputs and the solutions given by Pentagon; the implementation took around a month, and team Aegis scaled up their business efficiently and effectively with the help of Pentagon System. We at Pentagon customize & construct the most promising strategy and solution that delivers as per your needs and requirements.

About Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd

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