Organizations nowadays are switching to hybrid cloud models, creating a demand for a platform that can provide greater flexibility, security, and efficiency around the systems. Being need of the hour, IBM has come up with Power10 servers, that are engineered specifically for hybrid cloud models. IBM Power10 makes the most secure and reliable server platform in its class even better with transparent memory encryption, efficient scaling, and faster insights. With the development of the Power10 server, IBM has undoubtedly made a significant investment in its roadmap for POWER.  

Power10 servers are specifically designed for your needs. These servers enable organizations to modernize their systems with a hybrid cloud experience and meet enterprise demands around capacity, security, elasticity, energy efficiency, and scalability.   

In addition, IBM Power10 servers are crafted to improve cloud capacity and economics for memory–intensive workloads, with a breakthrough new technology called memory inception.   

Streamline insights and automation:   

As more AI models are deployed in production, the challenges around AI infrastructure are coming to the fore. Typical AI deployment involves sending data from an operational platform to a GPU system. This usually includes latency and may even increase security risks with more data in the network. Power 10 addresses this challenge with in-core AI inferencing and machine learning. The Matrix Math Accelerator (MMA) in Power10 core provides computational strength (at multiple levels of precision) and data bandwidth to tackle demanding AI interfacing and machine learning. Power10 delivers 5X faster AI interfacing per socket over Power E980.  

Power10 servers are designed to offer some key features including:  

  • Protects data from the core to the cloud using full in-memory encryption.  
  • Integrates AI into enterprise business applications to increase the efficiency of enterprise computing.  
  • Eliminates the security risk associated with data movement by bringing AI to where your data resides.  
  • Delivers industry-leading core performance and scale with 50% more compute efficiencies.  
  • Efficiently scales enterprise workloads in the best-fit environment without adding complexity and cost.  
  • Modernizes enterprise-critical workloads and IT infrastructure by running AI inferencing directly where your operational data resides.  

IBM Power E1080 delivers organizations with persistent security, and extreme scalability for business-critical apps in a hybrid cloud platform simplifying analytics, automation thus enabling organizations to achieve greater workload flexibility and agility while accomplishing more work.  

Maximize reliability and availability  

Power has been leading the industry in infrastructure reliability with 25% lower downtime vs. comparable high-end servers. With Power10 we are making the most reliable server platform in its class even better with advanced recovery, diagnostic capabilities, and Open Memory Interface (OMI) attached to advanced memory DIMMs. The continuous operations of today’s in-memory systems depend on memory reliability because of their large memory footprint. Power10 DIMMs delivers 2X better memory reliability and availability than industry-standard DIMMs.  

IBM Power E1080, the first in a generation of servers, is designed to meet the following core enterprise needs:  

Respond faster to business needs and demands: With the revolutionary 7nm Power10 processor, the IBM Power E1080 delivers 3x improvement efficiencies with 33% less energy consumption for a frictionless experience.  

Consistent security from core to the cloud: With in-memory encryption on the processor, the Power10 family of servers introduces a new layer of defense that simplifies encryption across the hybrid cloud without impacting performance.   

Streamline insights and automation: With in-core AI inferencing and machine learning, the IBM Power E1080 delivers 50% more performance and scalability, allowing organizations to do more with less. The Matrix Math Accelerator (MMA) in the Power10 enables the E1080 to deliver 5X faster AI inferencing per socket.  

 In this critical time organizations need a uniquely architected platform where they can securely and effectively scale core operational AI applications in a hybrid cloud with improved agility, which is a necessity for your IT infrastructure. IBM Power10 servers are engineered to take your organization a notch higher with their performance for real-time IT requirements.