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About the Customer

To build an Eco-system for every stakeholder, enabling them to share problems and complement each-other in solving the problems. One of the aim is to transform young graduates from “Job seekers to Job creators” and transform “Answer providers to Solution providers”, This is an effort to engage unemployed youths in building sustainable, affordable and saleable products & solutions locally through active engagement of Industry and Society, It is designed to bring all stakeholders (Young minds / graduates, Industry experts / mentors, Academic institutes, Industry, Society, Investors and Government) using technology to address the challenges of respective stakeholders.

Executive Summary

Scientific Jugaadfunda, is positioning to interconnect, Academic institutions, young minds, Government, Industry bodies, Corporate, Research labs, Business incubators, Investors, and Mentors. Every stakeholder has equal opportunity to contribute and fetch benefits of mutual interest. it is creating a truly unified innovation ecosystem for building entrepreneurial mindset and nurturing skills to match industry expectations. Focus of our initiative is to build pool of solution providers that shall contribute to building healthy nation. With the thrust area of ‘Product Design and Manufacturing’, it is positioning strongly to support institutes, innovators, and SMEs across the region.  

Current Challenges by the Customer

Scientific Jugaadfunda have different web applications and wanted to deploy on AWS. They are using Angular for Frontend application and Spring boot for Backend application.

The customer was looking to host web application in a Linux environment on AWS. Initially, they were having Windows servers but due to resource-hungry and billing issues, they want to migrate it to a Linux environment.

Customers’ developers were doing deployments on a weekly basis, and each time we needed to take an AMI image of an existing instance and update it in the launch template, and later update the version of the launch template in Auto Scaling, which required manual intervention.

Customer was looking for 3rd party build tool for continuous integration to avoid use of onprem server.

Customer wants to automate the deployment process whenever there are changes in code.

The Solution Offered

Description of the detailed solution provided as below:

According to the requirement, we have created three different environments as UAT, Dev, and Prod using CloudFormation template.

We configured the Application Load balancer in which traffic is forwarded to the Autoscaling Target group for scaling in/out of the instances. To avoid latency issues, we pitched AWS CloudFront CDN service which would address their needs and reduce the overhead of procuring a third-party solution. Later, we created hosted zone in Route53 and routed traffic on the CloudFront domain. Also, we have configured CloudWatch for monitoring.

For security and bot control features, we have configured AWS WAF over the application load balancer and configured S3 bucket to only allow access to authenticated requests from CloudFront using Origin access control settings. Also, we used AWS Customer managed KMS key for data encryption.

As per the challenges faced by the customer, we have migrated source code from GitHub to AWS CodeCommit in which we created two repositories for frontend and backend code and then created branches according to the customer’s requirement.

We created programmatic IAM users with a limited access policy and shared Git credentials with respective users to impose branch-level restrictions.
We have created two separate Code Pipelines, one in each environment, for auto-deployment on the S3 bucket and the autoscaling group. Whenever developers commit changes to the source repository, Code Pipeline detects it and starts the build. In CodeBuild, we created a build project with the help of developers in which we created a buildspec file and made any necessary changes to the code in order to ensure the build’s success. Afterward, the built code was deployed to a deployment group for the backend code, and to an S3 bucket for the frontend code. For the final stage of deployment, we used the CodeDeploy service for our backend code, creating a deployment group with the Blue/Green deployment type and enabling a load balancer check to block traffic while deployment was in progress. For our frontend code, we selected an S3 bucket as the final stage to deploy the code.
We also used secret manager to store the database credentials and shared sample code to retrieve secrets in application code which stored in CodeCommit.

Amazon Web Services Infrastructural Services Used 

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS for MySQL

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2)

Amazon Auto-Scaling group

Amazon CodeCommit

Amazon CodeBuild

Amazon CodeDeploy

Amazon CodePipeline

Amazon Elastic Block Store (AWS EBS)

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC)

Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (AWS ELB)

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3)

Amazon Backup (AWS Backup)

Amazon Route53

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudTrail

Amazon KMS

Amazon CloudFormation

Amazon Secret Manager


Project Start Date: 07-01-2022

Project End Date: 10-03-2022

The Benefits:

  • Replacement of Windows Server with Linux server reduced the cost of infrastructure by 30%.
  • We have migrated code on CodeCommit and according to client’s requirement created the users for branch-level restriction and attached restricted IAM policy which fulfilled Authentication and access control requirement.
  • By implementing CodePipeline, we were able to automate the release process and reduce deployment time, and Autoscaling improved the scalability and high availability of applications.
  • Due to the use of CodeBuild service, build time was reduced and the setup of an on-prem build server was eliminated.

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