Linux on IBM Power System is an enterprise-grade server with unique architecture designed to meet the needs of mission-critical workloads. It brings together IBM’s experience in building secure, resilient, and scalable systems with the openness of the Linux operating system. LinuxOne is a Linux-only platform intended to support customers interested in leveraging their OpenSource ecosystem combined with highly secure and highly scalable servers. 

LinuxONE processor cores are designed to be more powerful than x86 processor cores, through a combination of processor architecture, clock speed, cache, optimization, and I/O offloading. While security and scalability are the key differentiators of these platforms, the hardware also provides reliability and performance benefits for many important cloud workloads. 

Key benefits of LinuxONE: 

  • Ultimate uptime – virtually no downtime (99.999%) through the elimination of constant addition of new servers. 
  • Hardware Data Compression – Speed up performance and reduce storage requirements all while adding minimal overhead. 
  • End-to-end Security – Encryption built into the processor chip provides the highest level of proven security in the industry. 
  • Reduced complexity – LinuxONE servers are less complex and easier to operate effectively than other alternatives. You can integrate it into your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure with little disruption. 
  • Lower operational costs – By running on fewer, more powerful and efficient cores, LinuxONE reduces application licensing costs. 
  • Easy upgradable- LinuxOne can easily upgrade it over a single weekend; there is no need to purchase new equipment. 

One common use case for LinuxONE is to host the consolidation of commercial databases onto a single system. The benefits include increased performance, better throughput of data, and more efficient sharing of resources. Customers have reported consolidation ratios of 10:1 cores or more, which can lead to the opportunity for significant savings in software license fees where these are calculated on a per-core basis. 

LinuxONE servers are available in new IBM’s Elastic Pricing Model that enables users to pay-for-use (hardware and software), pay-per-core, or rent with no upfront payment and right of return after only one year. This Elastic Pricing Model lets users take control of their IT costs while taking full advantage of the enterprise-grade Linux capabilities combined with the flexibility of open technology solutions.  

Available in single-frame and multi-frame servers, IBM LinuxONE server helps organizations achieve financial and IT flexibility, become more competitive, and drive innovation in this ever-evolving, digital world. 

The unified platform of LinuxONE is designed to support demanding performance requirements in the enterprise and is sure to help you scale up your business and manage mission criticalworkloads efficiently.