S H Kelkar and Company

S H Kelkar and Company

Pentagon was tasked with modernizing the on premise infrastructure hosting SAP data management software for a renowned player in the fragrance and flavors industry. The customer sought to replace the outdated IBM Power7 server with a more scalable, heavy-duty model that would be able to handle higher workloads and showcase increased performance capabilities.

As-Is Gap Analysis

The existing infrastructure housing the IBM Power7 server was identified as outdated, lacking the advanced capabilities offered by newer generations of processors.

Scalability was a concern with the Power7 server, as it struggled to support large memory configurations and handle high-demand workloads efficiently.

The evolving landscape of technology and industry trends indicated a potential limitation in support, resources, system updates, software compatibility, and access to new features and enhancements for the Power7 server in the long term.


Pentagon offered IBM Power9 scale out server as a feasible solution for its advanced capabilities in non-accelerated compute spaces such as high-speed databases, advanced data insights and cloud-based ecosystems.

¬†Pentagon provided a plethora real-world use-cases and tangible practical scenarios, effectively illustrating how the solution adeptly fulfilled intricate demands to demonstrate the system’s robust capabilities and its suitability for implementation.


Pentagon moved the existing SAP software with a newly installed IBM Power S922 scale out server with AIX OS and Power VM as the virtualization technology, utilizing IBM Storage to ensure high availability of data and services.


As part of the implementation process, the recommended IBM services procedures were diligently followed during the integration of the existing SAP system with the newly installed IBM Power Server.


The IBM Power S922 scale-out server provides cloud-ready features and built-in PowerVM virtualization capabilities that empower businesses to grow rapidly. By harnessing the advanced capabilities of the S922 scale-out server and a memory footprint of up to 4TB, the client was able to clock enhanced response times, delivering on performance, robustness and value in the form of cost reductions.

 Furthermore, the new infrastructure demonstrated an increased capacity to handle a higher volume of users. The robust architecture and enhanced performance capabilities of the S922, combined with the efficiency of Power VM and IBM storage optimizations, enabled the system to scale and accommodate a larger number of concurrent users without compromising performance.

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