SAP HANA® is fully supported on IBM® Power Systems with high performance, scalability, and reliability. Since 2013, the IBM Power Systems platform has given businesses a greater degree of agility and variability and has now taken a leading position among existing HANA solution providers. The IBM Power Systems platform delivers the unmatched flexibility, rock-solid resilience, and industry-leading performance that SAP HANA workloads demand. SAP HANA customers are shifting their workloads to IBM Power Systems to streamline their IT infrastructure, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize the benefits of SAP HANA. 

Significance of SAP HANA + IBM Power Systems 

The combination of SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems has enabled organizations to reduce the total cost of ownership, improve efficiency for the data-intensive workloads, and achieve higher ROI by focusing on extracting insights from data rather than spending time, resources, and money managing dozens of small servers in a single cluster. 

SAP HANA on Power uses the Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) model offered by SAP SE, providing customers with a more flexible and powerful infrastructure for mission-critical workloads. 

The long-standing collaboration of SAP and IBM has enabled existing Power System users to take advantage of SAP HANA-based applications without implementing a separate technology platform, including S/4 HANA. 

For SAP HANA customers, the IBM Power System Architecture proves to be a truly powerful platform to rapidly gain critical insights with lower operating costs (people, energy, location and network) than the x86 platform. 

Three reasons why SAP HANA + IBM Power Systems is the premium solution for SAP HANA Databases 

By running SAP HANA on IBM Power System, users will be able to start seeing the benefits of SAP HANA on Power with very little time investment by leveraging their existing processes and procedures in areas like high availability, disaster recovery, and backups without creating new procedures or training employees in new skill sets. 

Flexibility: With best-in-class virtualization and on-demand capability, the combination of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems positions customers to grow large databases while also achieving greater efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. 

Resiliency: With built-in mission-critical reliability, this solution helps maintain data integrity by detecting and fixing potential defects before the application sees them 

Performance: With significantly more memory capacity per socket, massive multithreading, and vectorization supported by high-bandwidth memory, the IBM POWER system accelerates insights with well-balanced system architecture for in-memory databases like SAP HANA. 

In addition to offering leading flexibility, resiliency, and performance, the SAP HANA on Power Systems provides a platform for openness and innovation. SAP HANA on Power takes full advantage of industry-standard Linux operating systems to provide organizations to get everything they need to transform themselves into innovative, data-driven businesses.