VAMS Digilog


Project Summary

The VAMS team is planning to host their Digilog application on AWS Cloud infrastructure. They require a scalable and rapidly elastic infrastructure that is cost-effective, secure, flexible, and provides measured and reporting services. Additionally, they want easy maintenance for the infrastructure. They plan to install the following software packages on an EC2 instance: Nginx, Rails, Ruby, Git, Puma, and PostgreSQL.

Team Members

  • Akshay Kenny
  • Benish Hassan
  • Siddharth Paliwal
  • Rahul Hanumante

Estimated Time

Project starts from 23 Dec 2022 and successful completion in mid-March 2023.


We created a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), subnet, and established connectivity. We deployed an EC2 instance with a Linux operating system and installed the necessary dependency packages, including Nginx, Rails, Ruby, Git, Puma, and PostgreSQL. We configured the web server, Nginx, on the same EC2 instance for their web application and set up the database, PostgreSQL, establishing connectivity between them. We conducted tests and handed over the servers to the client for testing. The VAMS team performed the application level setup.

To ensure security, we restricted access to the EC2 instance and allowed traffic only for individual IPs using security groups. We also restricted service-level access for users using IAM, including AWS-managed and custom policies, according to their roles. We enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all IAM users to achieve account-level security and avoid misuse of individual users’ usernames and passwords.

After successful testing, the application went live. We configured an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) backup with a 7-day retention period and set up application and database backups on an S3 bucket for storing data. We also enabled CloudTrail for monitoring and auditing purposes and stored the CloudTrail logs on an S3 bucket. Additionally, we created budget alerts to monitor billing based on the total monthly consumption.

Overall, our solution provided a scalable, cost-effective, secure, and easily maintainable infrastructure with measured and reporting services.

SA Diagram

AWS Services used

Virtual private cloud (VPC)

Elastic compute cloud (EC2)

Elastic block storage (EBS)

Identity and access management (IAM)

Simple Storage Service (S3)

AWS Backup



Scalability And Rapid Elasticity

Resiliency And Availability

On-Demand Self-Service

Easy Maintenance



Comfortable Payment Structure

Work From Any Location