SAP HANA® is fully supported on IBM® Power Systems with high performance and scalability. By removing the barrier between the two systems, businesses are better positioned to garner deep business insights that support better decision-making and deliver real competitive advantage. Since 2013, the IBM Power Systems platform has given businesses a greater degree of agility and variability and has now taken a leading position among existing HANA solution providers. 

IBM Power Systems also provides market-leading capabilities for reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS), including self-monitoring and predictive failure alerts, making it the perfect choice to support mission-critical workloads running on SAP HANA simplify their IT infrastructure, decrease the total cost of ownership, and maximize the benefits of SAP HANA. One key benefit of running SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems is its unmatched flexibility. SAP HANA customers are shifting their workloads to IBM Power Systems to streamline their IT infrastructure, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize the benefits of SAP HANA. 

Here are some benefits of using SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems: 

  1. Flexibility: With SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, customers have the flexibility to deploy on a wide range of IBM POWER8®-based servers, combined with a variety of storage options. 
  2. Scale affordably: With a scaled-up architecture and built-in virtualization capabilities, IBM Power Systems reduces the need to maintain dedicated redundant hardware systems for failover. 
  3. Efficient handling of mission-critical workloads: Customers can now migrate their mission-critical workloads to their existing IBM Power Systems infrastructure with greater reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS). 
  4. Reduced downtime: SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems enables organizations to deliver over 99.999% availability and bring unplanned and planned infrastructure downtime to near zero. 
  5. Faster Provisioning: By deploying SAP HANA® on IBM Power Systems, organizations can add resources to the SAP HANA platform, based on changing customer needs and business demands. 
  6. Cost-effective platform: IBM Power Systems provides a cost-effective solution for SAP HANA. IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to find out what economic benefits a hypothetical organization would realize.  Below is a quick summary of IBM Power Systems’ total economic impact for SAP HANA: 
  • 36% of cost reduction in system downtime  
  • 11% of cost reduction in managing and maintaining infrastructure 
  • 4% of cost reduction in power and cooling  
  • Avoided 49% cost in alternate server architecture 

The complete study shows a significant return on investment (ROI) of 137% with a payback of 7 months. 


Finally, organizations running SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems can take advantage of the excellent speed and throughput of IBM Power 8 CPUs. Its eight-core simultaneous multithreading (SMT-8), and 4 times the memory bandwidth, make IBM Power Systems an ideal platform for SAP HANA.  

With the flexibility to meet current and future demands of SAP HANA requirements, resiliency with 99.99% uptime, and industry-leading performance, no other hardware platform is as well suited for SAP HANA workloads as IBM Power Systems.