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About the Customer

Accucia has steadily been growing and earning the trust of hundreds of businesses by providing them with enterprise-grade software solutions and turning their ideas into reality.

We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of skilled software professionals to deliver high quality solutions

Executive Summary

Accucia Software’s Pvt Ltd is a Well-established Web, Mobile & Desktop Application Development Company. With their strong and adroit team of experienced IT experts having in-depth domain knowledge of diverse verticals and across various development platforms, they have delivered hundreds of projects across the globe. Accucia Software’s Pvt Ltd clientele domain base ranges from Retail Industry, Healthcare, Food & Manufacturing, Agricultural.

Current Challenges by the Customer

Scientific Jugaadfunda have different web applications and wanted to deploy on AWS. They are using Angular for Frontend application and Spring boot for Backend application.

Accucia was looking for a fully managed database solution for both on-premises as well as for external users also can leverage the security, reliability, manageability & scalability without depending on internal dedicated resources for maintaining the MySQL database and server.

The client was facing issues with frequent alerts by monitoring regarding degradation in many processes across production systems, also simultaneously they were receiving high disk latency alerts approx for the latency of 240 MS due to the day-to-day increase in the size of the MySQL Database which is approx 5% data growth on monthly basis.

The client wanted to avoid the downtime of the Database system and was not having Database failover cluster environment on private cloud and was looking for a Highly Availability solution on AWS cloud.

The client wanted to avoid human intervention to set up and monitor the data backup, administrative tasks, and looking for Managed Service of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Solution Offered

Description of the detailed solution provided as below:

The client’s existing infrastructure was on private cloud with shared hosting so as per the challenges faced by the client in the private cloud hosting, we pitched the solution of Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and migrated their workload to AWS Cloud. As per the architecture that we designed, we created two application servers behind the application load balancer to distribute the load and achieve the high availability of the application. We have provisioned the Amazon RDS in multi-AZ deployment model with keeping the best practice of it related to higher availability with having Amazon RDS in different availability zone, backup policy with the help of Amazon RDS Backup, storage scalability with the help of Autoscaling feature of Amazon RDS Storage and security with the help of Security Group, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) and Network Access list. Using MySQL dump utility, we performed the migration of database from the private cloud database server to Amazon RDS and we used FCIV (File Checksum Integrity and Verifier) utility to verify the data after cut-over and restoration to Amazon MySQL RDS. After the migration, we established the connection of Amazon RDS with the Application privately and observed the website for a couple of days. We set up the backup of Amazon MySQL RDS with 7 days retention policy to avoid data loss due to any failure.

Amazon Web Services Infrastructural Services Used 

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudTrail

Project Start Date: 07/08/2022

Project End Date: 04/09/2022

The Benefits:

  • As per client requirement whenever their database size increase, Amazon MySQL RDS will automatically increase the storage to adjust the database requirement.
  • Now with Amazon RDS as a PaaS service, customer need not worry about updating, upgrading, or provisioning. RDS administration is managed by Amazon and does all the software patching when it is required.
  • Decreases webpage load time and gains 20–25% better performance for production workloads using Amazon RDS service. To avoid disk latency, we Provisioned IOPS SSD to improve the overall performance.
  • By provisioning a Multi-AZ DB Instance, Amazon RDS automatically creates a primary DB Instance and synchronously replicates the data to a standby instance in a different Availability Zone (AZ) which achieves both High availability and near DR solution.
  • Automated backups are turned on, Amazon RDS automatically performs a full daily snapshot of data and captures transaction logs and enables automated backups of DB Instance with a 7-day retention period. MySQL RDS snapshots and automated backups are stored in S3.

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