One of the most renowned Diamond manufacturer & global exporter wanted to transforms its business by reaching out to the larger market through multiple platforms.

About Customer

Established two decades back, a Diamond Manufacturing Company, earned global reputation as the most trusted diamond supplier. Distinguished for the highest ethical standards, commitment to excellence, consistent product quality & transparent business practices; we pioneered the concept of fixed & fair pricing.

They ensured direct rough supply from the DTC, Rio Tinto, DDC and Alrosa. They are also the official suppliers of Canada Mark and Forever Mark. The only diamond manufacturer and Sight holder to achieve the Responsible Jeweler Council (RJC) Certification in India with more than 6,000 employees; the only recipient of GJEPC’S award for 11th consecutive years.

Project Start Date: 09/06/2019

Project End Date: 28/09/2019

Executive Summary

The three-corner stone a diamond manufacturing company has thrived for over two decades, outshining in terms of quality and service standards in the industry. They are the only Indian company with 6000+employees to have achieved the Responsible Jewellery Council Certification. An only honoured company for 14 consecutive years by GJEPC with 16 Awards and their presences command trust and confidence in several spheres of activity. Today, it is the largest distributed diamond jewelry brand in India, available in over 6,250 jewelry outlets with over 563 designs around all ornaments. With the expansion to international clients, the ambitious export company made yet another leap as it started to trade and manufacture diamonds of all sizes and recorded a 200% growth within 10 yrs. The new generation leaders were keen to take the growth of the organization to a different level by expanding the business to a digital platform with a potential of huge market. Evaluation on new technologies were initiated and vendors were invited for a discussion on business transformation on a larger platform.

Current Challenge’s faced by the Customer

  • The diamond Manufacturer had decided to launch its business with new initiative to expand it Jeweler business online to reach and serve the business opportunities in the South-East Asia market. The CTO had to move in an agile way to immediately start testing on the new projects assigned to him in a short timeframe as it was a business need. To match the provision the required resources for testing was a challenge. Considering the concept of the project, it had become a must for the customer to move to an agile platform for an easy access and go live with production.

  • As per the said budget, a web-based application developed on Java with Oracle 11g Database was chosen by the internal team. Their team wanted to implement the system on a platform that would support and be compatible with Oracle software’s.

  • The solution was built to meet the reach of global market requirement and hence Flexibility and Scalability of IT infra was another challenge. To overcome the same the organization had to invest on higher compute resources.

  • While evaluating the solutions, the teams focus was strongly on security as the payment links & Jewelry designs were the core asset of business. Suggested identity/encryption as the management had demanded the CTO for a secured system as the data was too critical for their business.

Versions: Oracle 11g R2(

The Solution Offered

After considering solutions presented by various providers on agility and cost effective TCO, the customer decided to move ahead with the cloud option. The customer shortlisted Amazon Web Services Cloud solution. AWS perfectly met all the requirements that the customer was looking for apart from agility and scalability of the infrastructure.
AWS along with its advanced consulting partner PSSPL reached out to customer. We had expertise and experience of implementing Oracle software solutions that matched the customer’s expectation on transforming the IT infrastructure completely on cloud. PSSPL dedicated 4 Man days and worked on the Proof of Concept for the Java based application and deployed it on AWS. PSSPL executed the Proof of Concept successfully and which further lead to Production deployment on AWS.
The PSSPL team created the AWS cloud infrastructure as per the architecture diagram which was discussed and approved by the CTO. PSSPL deployed the 3 Tier solution in subnets viz; Web, App & database. We configured the required NACL & Security Group to ensure trusted IP’s access the solution. Since, customer required a self-managed Database, we suggested Oracle on RDS to customer. We configured Oracle DB instance on RDS in Single AZ to take automated backups with 15 days retention as requested by customer.
As security was the major concern of the management secured VPN Tunnel between AWS & Customer On-Premise was established. PSSL being a Modern System Integrator with 25+ yrs. Of experience, we also accessed security at the customer’s on-premise infrastructure appropriate solution was suggested.

Amazon Web Services Infrastructural Services Used

The Java based application & Oracle database 11g was in production after 1 month, till then the POC was successfully tested on AWS cloud infra environment. It helped the customer to successfully migrate on cloud and benefit from continuous integration and delivery practices. Created instances on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) for security, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for persistent storage, millions of records of historical data stored in the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for managing backups, software patching, automatic failure detection, and recovery Amazon Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3) for backup. Transit Gateway for connecting the On-Premise VPN & VPC.

The Benefits:

The required agility that the customer was looking for, was tested and launched for its new application within a month from the project initiation and could easily scale its IT resources when required and downgrade once not in use. 70% of revenue was free and not blocked for procurement of the application setup, customer could use the same for its investment for their business expansion globally. Appropriate steps were taken to meet IAM, encryption and necessary security parameters were implemented for its application on AWS services and they didn’t have to hire a dedicate resource just to work on the infrastructure security for their new Java based application. As per the CTO AWS helped them to concentrate more on their business priorities than on IT Infrastructure.

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Project End Date: 28/09/2019