Oracle E-Business Suite hosted on AWS for a leading pipe manufacturers delivering strong uptime and high flexible infrastructure.

About Customer

A leading Indian plastic manufacturer and supplier of Piping Systems to global market, celebrates an important mile stone of completing 30 years in the Solid, Waste & Rain management pipes in India. Their pipe and fittings systems are used in a broad cross-section of markets such as plumbing, water supply, sewerage and waste water, storm water and drainage, mining, industrial, rural, irrigation, electrical, telecommunications and gas.
It’s a reckoned and cherished not only nationally but also internationally in over 25 countries.

Project Start Date : 04/04/2018

Project End Date : 25/07/2018

Executive Summary

A company that immensely believes in “The systems is Quality & Reliability”, have been certified by quality Assurance Services, Australia. The ISO 9001 certification are recent development with a high prestigious certification. As the business of the company had higher expectation on uptime of the ERP, investments to ensure the same were proposed with the management. With the new process in progress, requirement of a new IT setup was required with minimum TCO. They also did not want to refresh the current IT infrastructure by investing on Capex and invest the funds for business enhancement instead. Maintaining the quality and adhering to the processes in place, Oracle E business suite ERP was finalized. The management wanted the systems to be available as per the operation demand with a lower investment on infrastructure. PSSPL being an advanced tier solution provider, introduced AWS to the customer to host its ERP and managed services to optimize the infrastructure and application performance with high availability, capacity planning to meet the demand of the IT operations.

Current Challenge’s faced by the Customer

On multiple discussion with the CXO’s in-line with the future roadmap of the company, we noted down few challenges faced by them which needed immediate solutions.

  1. Customer being a manufacturer with distributed operations and manufacturing units, accessing the application and availability was a major challenge.
  2. Multiple downtime in the past due to local problems like power failure and system errors had already impacted the goodwill of the customer to its customers and 10-12% business loss for them.
  3. With an upfront investment on the licenses, they were looking for a solution which will help them avoid any initial investment and projected infrastructure provisioning.
  4. Being an exporter, the operations and transactions are more during month end and the servers were under-utilized throughout the month.
  5. Maintaining an in-house data center was becoming difficult due system management, achieving uptime and non-availability of skilled technical resources.

Infrastructural Restructuring Suggestions:

PSSPL along with AWS, prepared a solution on the challenges faced by the customer. In order to achieve a better customer experience, we not only worked with them for the ERP hosting but on a holistic restructuring of the network and security across offices and manufacturing units. With a redefined LAN setup and connecting the offices through SD WAN we ensured that the users are well connected and have better accessibility to the applications.

Versions: Oracle 12c

The Solution Offered

PSSPL along with the IT and business team of the client conducted an extensive infrastructure evaluation which included assessment, migration strategy and DBA support for oracle 12c database as well as application. Understanding the customer concern, we initiated a POC to test the application performance on AWS platform. We also listed all the findings and evaluated the Migration of Oracle EBS application to cloud infrastructure in AWS Singapore region. Post successful POC, the deployment was implemented in Production.
The 2 Tier application Oracle EBS application and Oracle DB was deployed in 2 Subnets for Isolation. Required NACL & security Group was applied to ensure required IP’s have access. Oracle EBS application was deployed with auto-scaling in-place to mitigate scalability & availability of application as and when number of users accessing the application increases.

Oracle 12c Database was configured in Multi-AZ which helped to automatically provision and maintain a secondary standby DB instance in a different Availability Zone. The primary DB instance is synchronously replicated across Availability Zones to the secondary instance. This approach helped to provide data redundancy and failover support, also to eliminate I/O freezes, and minimize latency spikes during system backups. We also configured A separate Read Replica to provide enhanced performance and durability for RDS database (DB) instances. It made easy to elastically scale out beyond the capacity constraints of a single DB instance for read-heavy database workloads that customer was performing. AWS Web application Firewall (WAF) service was suggested for application security, Data Encryption at rest was configured, as the management had concerns on security. Implementation of Nagios tool to monitor & notification for the performance of the system and auto scaling to match the infrastructure requirement were setup.

The deployment of Oracle EBS on AWS was delivered on reliable and cost-effective solution meeting all the business-critical needs of the client. Scheduled backups for data protection and snapshots were implemented to meet the application availability with define RTO and RPO of 1 hour. PSSPL, approach of structuring the infrastructure so as to assure the committed infrastructure uptime & rapid adaptation of solution were discussed and implemented. Configured lambda and SNS for reporting and notification. DB tuning, cloning, performance optimization, space administration, RMAN backup for oracle database.

Services offering Summary:

The customer was provided Managed Service support for its Cloud Infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services, DBA support for both oracle DB and EBS application. As a practice of our Managed services portfolio, we did the assessment of the infrastructure and consulted on cost optimization parameters. Our proactively monitoring and risk identification methodology improved areas in order to compliance and regulatory requirement of the customer.

AWS Services Used:

Oracle DB 12C from marketplace, Cloud Watch, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Key Management Service, Simple Email Service (SES), Simple Notification Service (SNS), Simple Storage Service (S3), Virtual Private Cloud, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Relational Database Service (RDS), Nat Gateway, Load Balancer, Autoscaling, Virtual Gateway, S2S VPN, EFS which is used in Oracle EBS application server.

The Benefits:

Better availability:

By engaging with PSSPL, the customer now has a fully scalable and highly flexible cloud infrastructure for better functioning of its Oracle EBS ERP system which has led to peace of mind of the customer in terms of infrastructure management and focus on business. With scheduled backup matching the customer RTO & RPO terms along with hosting the infrastructure on AWS Cloud, challenges such as downtime & availability were addressed.

Increased Revenue

With seamless infrastructure and low latency to access their solution has helped them to focus on business than IT related issues, the increased application performance has also helped better customer experience. Thus, by helping the customer achieve business YOY growth of 15% and saving 25% on their IT spend and TCO.

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