Rooftop Enterprises


Project Summary

Rooftop Enterprises facing issue to manage On-premises infrastructure for their Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) application. They want infrastructure must have Scalability and Rapid Elasticity, cost effective, Security, Flexibility, Measured and Reporting Service as well as Easy Maintenance. They want Odoo ERP software to install on Cloud infrastructure i.e on EC2 Instance. Odoo is a suite of open-source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. They also want to purchase domain for their enterprise’s application from Route 53.

Team Members

  • Atanu Mandal
  • Ashutosh Nanda
  • Siddharth Paliwal

Estimated Time

Project starts from 26 Sept 2022 and  successful completion in mid-Oct 2022.


Created VPC, Subnet, and establish connectivity. We deployed EC2 instance (Linux OS) to install Odoo ERP application. Application Team did installation of Odoo ERP application. We Configured Apache Web server on same EC2 instance for their ERP web application.

After completing installation of Odoo ERP application and Apache web server configuration, we did test and handover the servers to client for testing. As testing is completed successfully, we move forward and purchased domain for their enterprise’s application from Route 53. After purchased we have changed DNS records i.e. (a record) to server IP. Also, we have checked and confirmed using DNS checker.

We generated .CSR file and share with client to purchase SSL certificate from 3rd party vendor. Once we received SSL certificate from client we added on server. Also, we checked and confirmed by accessing Website URL.
Secured the EC2 instance by restricting access and allow the traffic for Individual IPs using security group. Restricted service level access for users using IAM (AWS managed policy and custom policy) according to the role of user. Enabled Multi-factor authenticator (MFA) for all IAM user to achieve account level security as well as to avoid misuse of the username and password of individual users.

For monitoring the server’s health created the CloudWatch alerts with SNS. Enabled CloudTrail for monitoring and audit purpose. Created S3 Bucket for storing data and CloudTrail log. Created Lifecycle policy to CloudTrail bucket to optimize the cost. Created the Budget alert according to total monthly consumption to monitor the Billing.

SA Diagram

AWS Services used

Virtual private cloud (VPC)

Elastic compute cloud (EC2)

Elastic block storage (EBS)

Identity and access management (IAM)

Simple notification service (SNS)





Scalability And Rapid Elasticity

Resiliency And Availability

On-Demand Self-Service

Easy Maintenance




Comfortable Payment Structure

Work From Any Location