Let us see through this blog that what are the megatrends of AI application, and how IBM Power Systems can help you to overcome the challenges faced by the industry.


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most sought after technologies in the present day. Even in 2020, we have barely scratched the surface of the full potential of this futuristic technology. Be that as it may, AI has proven that it can change the way we conduct business, and according to Gartner’s report, thirty-seven percent of organizations have alreadly implemented AI in some form or other.


Let us have a look at the major ways in which AI can transform business operations –


Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Customer experience and satisfaction are paramount to the success of an organization, regardless of the industry. AI, specifically chatbots, are shown to have a huge positive impact on customer service.

The millennial generation is increasingly giving preference to online chats rather than talking to human operators, courtesy of their prompt response and ability to give in-depth answers.

AI models also helps you personalize user experiences based on their past behavior and preferences, further cementing customer satisfaction.


Improve the hiring process

AI can speed up the recruitment process by screening calls and candidate applications. It also removes the small posssibility of human error or bias, ensuring that you secure just the right talent for your company in a short amount of time.


Reduce employee attrition rate

AI can not only help you acquire new talent, but retain the existing one. In the competitive job market, employees are quicker to leave an organization to search for better opportunities, than they would have been a decade or so ago. AI predictive models can help you pinpoint any employees who are showing signs of leaving your company, so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent a talented employee from leaving.


Generate more accurate forecasts

AI models enable more accurate and quicker sales forecasts, so that you can take confident business decisions, backed by data. AI gives you a better visibility on the future steps you need to take, to drive revenue growth.


Overcoming the AI Challenges

Even with the numerous benefits, businesses are held back from integrating AI models into their workflow, due to lack of adequate infrastructure. The IBM Power Systems for AI enable enterprises to enable faster, more confident data-driven decisions and unlock deeper AI insights. Moreover, the IBM Power Systems AI starter kit includes everything you need to start training models and uncovering useful business insights, along with human support to implement the tools. Contact us for more information on how you can turn your data into solutions with IBM Power Systems for AI.