This blog gives away the characteristics of how flash storage offers several distinct advantages over other data storage technologies and why you should choose IBM FlashSystem.


The way of storing and accessing data has greatly evolved from the obsolete CD-ROM and floppy disks to the cloud storage that is all the rage today. Even so, physical drives have not lost their importance. Over the recent years, flash storage and solid-state drives have gained rapid popularity among enterprise storage systems.


Before we see the benefits of flash storage for your organization, let us understand what it is. Flash storage is a data storage technology for the high-speed, non-volatile, electronically programmable flash memory. Thus, you will not lose any data even in case of sudden power outage.


The characteristics of flash storage offers several distinct advantages over other data storage technologies, such as –


Speed of data access

As the name suggests, flash storage writes data and performs I/O operations in a remarkably short amount of time. Flash can deliver 20x the performance of the traditional hard disc drives (HDDs). This greater speed will help you enable faster performance on common enterprise applications, and get an improved performance on networks which are dominated by a large number of users.


Increased cost savings

A common concern among enterprise owners is that flash storage is more expensive than HDDs. While this is true, flash storage will save you a lot in terms of maintenance costs. It consumes much less electricity compared to HDDs, and does not heat up as much. Thus, flash will reduce both electricity and cooling system expenses, proving a sound investment in the long run.


Increased durability

As flash uses the integrated circuit technology of solid state drives, it has no moving parts like the spinning disks and motors of the HDD storage. Due to this, flash storage systems are spared the wear and tear due to the rotating platters, and any accidental damage like scratched disks. As a result, a quality flash srorage system will last well near a decade.


The IBM FlashSystem Family

IBM offers a simplified flash storage solution for hybrid multicloud. It includes the IBM Storwize family of entry storage systems of enterprise class capabilites. With an software-based encryption facility, it guarantees storage savings of up to 80%. For more information on how the IBM Storwize family can help your business, contact us.