Our constant reliance on data for successful business insights has compelled companies to opt for data resilience solutions. Cybercrime remains a major concern for business and is likely to remain a significant threat through 2022 and beyond. Cyberattacks can have both financial and reputational impact on businesses if they last long. IBM’s modern data protection solutions protect business against a cyber event and also provide high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solution to quickly recover mission critical business operations from any type of disaster event.  IBM’s modern data protection solutions provide data backup, recovery, retention, reuse, and secure data retention for multiple and strategic business purposes.  

The IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault solution, implemented by IBM Lab Services is the next generation flash storage solution that redefines cyber resilience with enhanced performance and unique cyber detection and recovery capabilities. It runs continuously, using standard database tools and automation software to regularly monitor copies made by Secure Copy to look for signs of data corruption introduced by malware or ransomware.  

The IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault solution serves two purposes: 

  • It rapidly detects a classic ransomware attack after it has started.
  • It identifies data copies that have not been affected by an attack.

With these two purposes, The IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault enables users to quickly identify and recover a clean copy of their data. IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault solution with IBM Safeguarded Copy boost data security and resilience while lowering operating costs.  


IBM Safeguarded Copy  

IBM Safeguarded Copy is a new protection mechanism that secures data from being compromised, either accidentally or deliberately. It regularly creates isolated immutable snapshots of data (for example, hourly copies maintained for a number of days) to help protect against cyberattacks, malware, acts of disgruntled employees, and other data corruption. These snapshots of data are created on the same flash storage system to speed up data recovery. Using automation software, CyberVault further speeds up the recovery process and reduces the recovery time of a cyberattack from days to just hours. 

The IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault solution an offering implemented by IBM Lab Services is a proven solution already used by more than 100 customers worldwide with IBM DS8000 storage. Being a part of IBM’s comprehensive approach to data resilience, IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault solution provides various benefits: 

  • High availability and disaster recovery in IBM FlashSystem 
  • Accelerates data backup, recovery, and copy management using IBM Spectrum Protect Suite 
  • Ultra-low-cost, high density, scalable long term storage with physical air gap protection with IBM tape storage 

All employees working with IT tools or systems must regularly refresh their awareness and monitors intrusion detection or unusual behavior at all levels to achieve enterprise-grade cybersecurity and resiliency. 

Whether large or small, every organization should have a well-defined data resilience strategy that can help them gain greater visibility and insight to investigate and remedy cyber threats, data breaches and other similar attacks.