This blog talks of what are the features of perfect AI application IT infrastructure and how IBM Power Systems are perfect for AI.


One of the Forrester surveys anticipates that 86% of the respondents think their organization’s IT infrastructure is not up to the mark to support the latest technologies.


Disruption in technology changes are inevitable and influencing every aspect of the business! Even the IT infrastructure of an organization is going through a lot of changes with it. The booming technologies such as Big data, IoT, Mobile are definitely enabling organizations with various business functionalities and creating humongous value, but also are putting a lot of stress on the organization’s IT Infrastructure. It is important that we choose the right line of infrastructure that we not only meet today’s technology needs, but also are ready for the future growth.


We have the solution for this problem and the modern demands of technology – Artificial intelligence platforms! These platforms can enable organizations to build smart applications that are predictive, self-healing and require minimal human administration.


According to IDC, the organizations globally present were spending approximately $31.3B in 2019 on cognitive solutions and more than 40% of all cognitive system spend will go to software which includes cognitive applications and Cognitive software platforms. These platforms are adopted more than ever by IT service providers to solve problems in the context of their business model and drive differentiation in their core markets.


Let us see what are the core features of an Intelligent IT infrastructure:


Predictive in nature

An intelligent IT infrastructure would always anticipate the needs before you actually need it. It will help you know what will be needed when your website is having a lot of activity going on and also when the load will be less.


Self-Healing in nature

A smart infrastructure would self analyze and detect if any problems persist. It will detect and find a solution as well. Like if your server is having extra load, it will distribute the load on other servers, maintaining the capabilities and functionalities.


Self-Optimizing in nature

Smart infrastructure keeps on analyzing and monitoring the performance of various applications and service quality.


Self-Protect in nature

Intelligent IT infrastructure continuously and rigorously analyzes, detects and alerts security threats.