Turning every morsel of information into a digital dataset is the norm the world over– causing an explosion of data in the digital space. From consumer behaviors and data-based insights and predictions to sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models, data is omnipresent.

With this degree of data proliferation – the capacity of the first supercomputer to store 303 megabytes of data now seems minuscule – it is imperative to prioritize data resilience and minimize the impact of cyberattacks, disasters, and failure with a multi-layered approach to data protection.

Data loss can have a range of consequences depending on the criticality of the lost information, ranging from operational disruptions, financial losses, and reputational damage to legal and regulatory implications.

Businesses demand the highest levels of performance, functionality, security, and availability when it comes to enterprise storage systems. IBM Storage FlashSystem in particular is a popular choice when it comes to price, performance, and scalability. But it has an often overlooked but lucrative feature set that is crucial for business continuity – data resilience. These cutting-edge storage arrays possess the power to simplify and fortify organizations’ data resilience strategies.

Secure Your Data: Encryption and Key Management

IBM Storage FlashSystem uses hardware and software encryption measures to secure data. IBM’s tamper-proof FlashCore Module hardware encryption allows for data confidentiality without compromising performance, meeting the FIPS 140-2 level 2 standards. It also employs uniform software encryption across infrastructures, ensuring end-to-end protection for users and their data. Using enterprise key management, organizations can therefore manage encryption keys ensuring data security.

Disaster Recovery with Zero Data Loss

In the event of a disaster, IBM Storage FlashSystem can replicate data across metro distances with zero data loss using disaster recovery through multi-site replication. This enables quick recovery in the event of a localized disaster. For multinational organizations spread across the globe, IBM Storage FlashSystem offers replication capabilities with sub-second recovery times, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss. Organizations can also tailor replication frequencies based on current needs, ranging from seconds to hours.

High Availability: Endurance and Resilience

IBM Storage FlashSystem is specifically built for endurance, high availability, and data resilience. Organizations can rely on continuous data with IBM’s built-in availability of six 9’s (99.9999%). In the event of a failure, automated response mechanisms, such as IBM HyperSwap, enable seamless failover and workload redistribution, ensuring zero data loss and minimal disruption to business operations.

Cyberattack Recovery Solutions

FlashSystem’s data resilience features extend its capabilities to cyber resilience as well. Cyberattacks can have a lasting impact on a business’s ability to remain grounded and growth oriented. It can also damage a company’s reputation and brand value. Cyberattacks can navigate around even the most robust cyber defense strategies.

Enter IBM Safeguarded Copy that allows you to create point-in-time snapshots of your mission-critical data and time them at your discretion. The snapshots can be used to bounce back following an attack. They assist organizations with minimal-downtime recovery. In addition, IBM Storage FlashSystem Cyber Vault can be used to check snapshots for corruption, ensuring that your data is as resilient as your infrastructure

Data helps build future readiness. And data resilience builds business continuity. By leveraging the power of the IBM FlashSystem, organizations can confidently navigate the current digital landscape and protect their most valuable asset – data.