The changing Information Technology (IT) trends and their complexity is not ground-breaking news to the IT decision-makers. They acknowledge that the current IT environment is more complex than previously. There are newer challenges that are stacked upon the conventional challenges. These include ongoing digital transformation, dynamic cyber-security landscape, significantly increasing data volumes, new players of IT complexity and growing hybrid cloud infrastructure.


The IT complexity factor is expensive for organizations. Why? As general data risks heighten, operational costs rise, and maintenance occurs more frequently, the IT costs increase. This brings enterprises to the question- how can they bring down IT complexity and costs?


Recently IBM announced the launch of the new IBM FlashSystem range. It is a single platform for total non-mainframe environments created to streamline the storage infrastructure while providing substantial enterprise-grade storage innovation, including seamless container and hybrid cloud integration. The existing challenges, risks and costs inflicted by IT complexity emphasize the criticality of the IBM Storage announcements. The latest IBM solutions, programs and technologies help resist the complexity trend.


With the latest solutions, the existing storage solutions can be transformed into more compact, less expensive, and much simpler. The new IBM FlashSystem solutions are the perfect answer to making storage simple for everyone.


The IBM FlashSystems storage solutions are created to boost a wide range of enterprise deployments for virtualized, bare metal, containerized or hybrid cloud configurations. FlashSystem variants are built with enterprise-class features like IBM FlashCore® technology, storage-class memory, end-to-end NVMe support, and a wide range of data services in the renowned IBM Spectrum® Virtualize software-defined storage.


The latest FlashSystem features a marvelous leap forward and offers high capacity and performance levels in a 1U package. The solution can handle a data centre; its form factor can offer significant transformational value for edge locations and smaller organizations.


The solution was built specifically to offer cost-efficiency and functionality along with performance to handle any workload in a compact unit that is perfect for any deployment. It blends latency (<70 microseconds) for best application performance and nearly 1.7 PB of data in 1 rack unit with data reduction capabilities for decreased CAPEX and OPEX.


It comprises IBM HyperSwap® high-availability tech and 3-site replication for improved business continuity. Bid farewell to the conventional hybrid storage systems and modernize the organization’s infrastructure.