As the IT world strives towards embracing efficient scaling and cyber resilience capabilities. Businesses can effectively modernize their sytems with a hybrid cloud experience that protects data with persistent security, responds faster to business demands, and simplifies analytics and automation with Power10 processor-based systems like the IBM Power® E1080.

Leaders proclaim IBM Power as one of the most reliable and secure servers in its comparable class. The servers are known to provide benefits like:

  • Industry’s leading resiliency
  • Always production-ready AI
  • Consistent security from core to cloud
  • Sustainable & scalable computing

IBM announced the Power10 servers that are relevant for enterprises- IBM Power E1080. It enables organizations to deliver enterprise-grade productivity always.

Scale core operations and AI applications across the organization’s hybrid cloud while lowering the data center footprint dramatically. The IBM Power E1080 provides end-to-end encryption and extreme scale for your business-critical apps, operations, and data without adding complexity or cost, as well as production-ready AI to automate your workflows.


Understanding the benefits from IBM Power E1080 to the business

Organizations need an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud architecture engineered to handle it all when cyber resilience and rapid scaling are absolute musts. Meet the most dependable server in its class, with 25% less downtime than competitors. The Power E1080’s innovative memory design provides 2X more availability than industry-standard alternatives.

With transparent memory encryption, efficient scaling, and faster insights with production-ready AI at the point of data, IBM Power® E1080 enhances the most secure and dependable server platform in its class Boost availability to more than five nines with 25% reduced downtime than at-level systems while lowering complexity, costs, and carbon footprint. The Power10’s new Open Memory Interface (OMI) provides more than twice the memory RAS of IS-DIMMs while also allowing for future memory technologies.

At the socket and system level, the IBM Power E1080 can give up to 30% better performance per core and over 50% more throughput. Save a third of the energy needed to keep your essential environments running. With flexible pay-per-use consumption models throughout the hybrid cloud, you can dynamically adapt to fluctuations in workload demand with quick and efficient capacity scaling.

IBM Power10’s built-in inference engine brings AI closer to your data, lowering costs and increasing efficiency. With ONNX, you can create models anywhere, run Python®, and code with Tensorflow, PyTorch, or XGBoost.