The technology revolution started from 1960’s by introduction of Mainframe computing and lead to various newer innovations. Today we are advancing and evolving towards digitalization through technology innovation. Man to Machine & Machine to Machine has strengthen the power of our daily operations.
No wonder we have automated our self’s for most of our operations to ease our life with Comfort.

Gone are the days when we use to write with a weather stick on a leaf and send messages, pigeons were the source of sending communication. As time passed by the creative ideas through innovation fasten the mode of communications, bandwidth utilization has increased from 64kbps to Gigs. Messages are delivered in less than micro –seconds through Emails, Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, LinkedIn and the list goes on. The Technology move has enhanced itself so much that you can type messages through voice.

Cloud computing is definitely considered at the top of technology motion and is reaching its peak. Optimisation of capital, reduction in delivery timelines, flexibility, scalability, etc. has lead IT environment hassle-free for every vertical, every segment of businesses.

Locks can be unlocked through eyes and robots can be your assistants. The motion of new era evolution has extended its reach from near to far and visa versa through IOT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning.
In the race of digitalisation, the speed of growth has extensively lead various developments in Supply chain through Block chain. Tons of data , structured or unstructured can be managed through a click of button and that is where BIG DATA plays a significant role in the world of technology to eases the operation and for a stress-free business processes.

With A wide range of services PSSPL has made its customers delighted with the experience of innovative technology offerings and relief on operational spends
PSSPL is present in the race of developing their expertise for Technology Revolution & Digitalization.

Experience the world of Emerging Technology with PSSPL.

Deepali Japadia
Head – Cloud & Telecom Business.