The growing need for cyber resilience and effective modern data security has compelled companies to opt for data resilience solutions that provide data backup, recovery, retention, reuse, and secure data retention.  

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is an integrated data resilience solution that goes beyond data backup and recovery to unify workload protection. Designed to work in hybrid cloud environments, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is built on five foundations of modern data security, i.e. superior performance and low cost, hybrid cloud, containerized workloads, business agility, and cyber resilience. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus can easily be deployed as a self-contained virtual appliance in minutes and protect your environment in under an hour. 

Specifically, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus offers a wide range of new benefits: 

1. Ease of Use – SLA-based policies that operate in a hybrid environment ensure data flexibility and compliance, giving administrators control over how workloads are managed and protected. 

2. Simple deployment- Easy deployment as a virtual appliance or container application.  

  • Tailored deployments designed to fit your business now and in the future with RESTful APIs that enable seamless application integration and easy data access. 

3. Cloud-ready IBM Spectrum Protect Plus delivers a comprehensive and resilient approach to hybrid cloud environments with added flexibility, agility, and ease of use. 

4. Streamlines hybrid workflow– IBM Spectrum Protect Plus streamlines hybrid workflows and provides end-to-end data protection, cost-effective data retention, disaster recovery, and efficient data reuse, both on-premises and in IBM Cloud. 

5. Simplified data resilience for containers– IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides an integrated approach to data resilience for containers running in Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes environments and as an added bonus increases developer productivity. 

6. Support Cyber Resilience- To protect data against cyberattacks, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides solutions that isolate your business-critical backups from your network such as containers to securely store data in Red Hat Ceph Storage, protecting data with immutable or WORM (write once, read many) backend Storage or true air gap protection with tape support via IBM Spectrum Protect. 

7. Automation/Orchestration– With intelligent automation and a reliable disaster recovery strategy, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus enables organizations to perform reliable and rapid recovery of physical and virtual workloads, including business processes, applications, systems, and databases. 

8. Prevent operational and revenue losses- IBM Spectrum Protection Plus is a unified data resilience solution that provides near-instant recovery, replication, reuse, and retention for physical, virtualized, and container-based workloads, thus protecting companies from the potential revenue loss and reputational risks related to extended downtime and operational losses.  

9. Long-term data retention– A key advantage of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is that it provides flexible and cost-effective data retention for workloads running on-premises or on IBM Cloud as well as public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud Object Storage, Microsoft Azure, and Red Hat Ceph.  



As companies begin their journey to hybrid cloud, they must modernize infrastructure with a modern data protection solution that can provide a comprehensive and flexible approach to hybrid cloud, which can reduce costs without cloud lock-in. and integrates well with your existing solutions.