Leaders are aware that the demand for effective cyber resilience and modern data protection tactics is at an all-time. Since the pandemic started, there has been a significant rise in cyber intrusion and cybercrime attempts. Additionally, the cybersecurity priorities have changed suddenly and conventional data flow has drastically altered, opened new ways for cyber threats, and heightened the obstacles for business resilience and data security professionals.

Such reasons underline the importance of IBM’s modern data protection. IBM Storage is routinely announcing newer enhancements to the modern data protection range. The new data protection features improve workload support in hybrid multi-cloud environments. It includes higher Kubernetes awareness, extended support for cloud-based workloads, and increased data retention on tape and object storage to increase cyber resiliency.

The launch of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides users a wide variety of new advantages:


 Better data protection for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Organizations can deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus in their hybrid cloud environments. The solution is deployed on-premises to handle AWS EC2 EBS snapshots, or clients can launch it on AWS to enjoy an “all-in-the-cloud experience”. The workload support for AWS now covers EC2 instances, Microsoft Exchange, VMware virtual machines, and databases.


Better protection for containers

Modern SLA management to allow policy assignment and definition from the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus UI. Developers utilize policies to program persistent volume snapshots, copying data to IBM Spectrum Protect or to object storage and replication to secondary websites for secured long-term data retention.

The latest release allows developers to easily back up and recover logical persistent volume grouping via Kubernetes labels. This feature is vital as applications are developed using logical sets of multiple components, for eg: an application might contain web-service container, Mongo DB container, and middleware containers. If a common label is shared between the application components, clients can utilize the Kubernetes label feature to choose the logical application group instead of selecting individual volumes (persistent volumes) that the application consists of. Additionally, developers can also back up and recover logical persistent volumes related to the Kubernetes namespaces.


Modern data protection strategy for Windows file systems

With the latest Spectrum Protect Plus agentless technology, clients can back up, retain, recover, and reuse data in Windows file systems. It includes file-level backup and recovery of file systems on virtualized or physical servers. Along with the update to the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, IBM also announced updates to IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management and IBM Spectrum Protect:


IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management: The new release enables clients to streamline and enhance SAP HANA Point in Time (PIT) recovery with native log backups via IBM Spectrum Protect for ERP and IBM Spectrum CDM. Before this release, clients could recover data via hourly snapshots. Recoveries were observed to be more granular, with the latest log support.


IBM Spectrum Protect: Its release also includes retention set to tape that is the capability to effectively copy and store data on tape for cost-effective and protected “air-gapped” long-term retention of data. Spectrum Protect also now allows users to back up the IBM Spectrum Protect database directly into the object storage which includes AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud Object Storage, along with other compatible S3 targets.


Cyber resilience and data protection strategies are in an all-time high demand and are the priorities for all IT leaders. As more workloads and applications shift to the cloud and containers, organizations need storage efficiency and data protection solutions with the sophistication and technology required to enable the future of modern operations.