Trying to deploy a storage strategy for your organization? This blog will enable you to make decision and know about IBM FlashSystem.


With so many different types of data storage systems available, selecting the right one for your enterprise can be daunting and confusing. Out of the myriad options available, flash storage and hard disk drives (HDDs) are the most common types of storage that go head to head against each other. Each of them come with their own set of advantages and limitations.


Let us understand the characteristics of these storage technologies, so that you can make the right choice for your enterprise.


What is HDD?

In simple terms, HDD falls under the traditional type of computer storage where magnetism is used to store and retrieve data on rotating platters.


What is Flash Storage?

As the names suggests, flash storage is a storage medium that can be electrically programmed or erased, at a very high speed.


Flash vs HDD

To start off, both these storage media use non-volatile memory, i.e., the data stored in them is retained even when there is no electrical power. Thus, both flash and HDD will protect your data in case of sudden power cuts.


Speed is the major advantage of flash over HDD. Flash can deliver upto 20x the performance of HDD, which can greatly speed up your enterprise applications.


On the other hand, HDD gains the upper hand in terms of lower price and a greater storage capacity. However, as Flash is SSD, it comes without any moving parts, and is less susceptible to wear and tear like the rotating platters of HDD. Moreover, as flash consumes much less power than HDD, you can save costs in terms of power and maintenance.


Thus, the choice of storage technology depends upon your business needs. If you need fast access, flash is the option for you. However, if you have greater storage needs and do not mind slower access times, HDDs can perfectly fit your enterprise.


The IBM Advantage

The IBM flash storage solution uses all-flash arrays to keep your data protected and available. The IBM Flashsystem family simplifies storage for hybrid multicloud. With a unified set of software, tools and APIs, it addresses your entire range of storage needs from a single data platform. Contact us for more information on IBM all-flash storage systems.