In regions where temperature is humid there arises this issue of humidity as extreme humidity is likely of causing rust to your ZBook 14u’s internal components. The same humidity could adversely affect its performance like thermal conductivity and electrical resistance. The harm could to be to the extent of causing short-circuit.

As such, you need to take precautions for protecting your ZBook 14u from moisture. Let’s glance through certain measures to be taken to prevent damage due to moisture:

  • Make out symptoms of moisture

You could gauge humidity at home with sticky skin or feeling of dampness at your home. This could result in itching, sneezing, or even coughing and that won’t be confined only to summer.

  • Make known the temperatures’ safe range for protecting laptop

You need to take utmost care of temperature. In other words, you need to apprise yourself that laptops operate better in 50-95 degrees F. Excess temperature could be troublesome. Besides, laptop batteries could explode if temperature is high. Even a bit of exposure on this count could damage the components permanently.

  • Beware of weather forecast

It’s advisable to keep a track of weather prior to leaving office or going outdoor. You need too be cautious if level of humidity is 80%. This is mainly due to the fact that humidity could result in condensation; which could prove to be a disaster for your ZBook 14u.

  • Stay away from direct sun

Getting directly exposed to sun is expected to heat up the lapyop and damage components on permanent basis. Sunrays could directly hit the ZBook 14u’s screen and you won’t be able to do anything therein. So, it’s better to put on anti-glare cover for viewing your screen.


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