IBM Spectrum Protect is a perfect solution to save data from a ransomeware attack. This blog will enable you to know different ways to protect your business storage.

Ransomware can seriously compromise critical business data, and the threat is only continuing to increase. In fact, the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report has made it clear that ransonware is the second most frequent form of malware attack, with the  command and control (C2) attacks occupying the first place.

Thus, enterprises need to be wary of ransomware more than ever. Here are some ways through which you can protect your business data from this attack –


Beware against phishing

As much as we are aware of the dangers of clicking unknown links recieved through emails, many of us still become their prey. Especially as phishing emails have donned a much more sophisticated form over the years, it is more easier than ever to mistake them for trustworthy sources.

As we are on the subject of untrustworthy links, make sure that your employees are downloading only from reputed websites as well. Check the website for the shield or lock symbol to verify whether or not it is secure.

Apart from periodically reminding your employees not to click on unknown links and attachments, make sure your firewall and endpoint protections are operational and updated for the latest malware attacks.


Do not give away personal information readily

Even if your employees are wary of unknown links and websites, they can be more trusting of other humans posing as company representatives and asking for their personal information.

Malicious attackers will use this personal information to gain access to your system. Ask your employees to beware of such calls and not give away any compromising information.


Invest in trusted backup solutions

Ransomware frequently targets your backup data. Therefore, you need a secure and efficient backup solution like IBM Spectrum Protect. It is a scalable data protection solution for data hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments. Along with simplififying backup administration, the solution comes with a ransomware detection feature.

IBM Spectrum Protect analyzes statistics after client backup sessions for any signs of ransomware infection, and notifies the administrator if any signs are found. Additionally, it offers two-key authorization for administrator commands for an added level of security to prevent data loss.