IBM Flash Storage: The most secure & portable way of Storing, Transferring, and Sharing Data.

Flash Storage made its debut in 1984 & it was truly a revolution in data storage & transfer technology. One of the many reasons why flash storage gained & rapidly spread across all verticals of the Information & Technology Industry is mainly because of its portability & security features. Being an innovator & pioneer in the world of IT, IBM launched its range of flash storage options known as IBM Flash Storage in 2013. IBM Flash storage is the culmination of IBM’s years of expertise, research & experience across the Information & Technology industry. IBM FlashSystem offers a diverse portfolio of scalable, all-flash, hybrid flash storage systems that are faster, secure & carry out massive industrial workloads with ease.

What is IBM Flash Storage?
IBM Flash Storage is a range of flash storage systems solutions offered by the industry giant. IBM Flash storage suite consists of product offerings like IBM Flash 5000, IBM Flash 5200, IBM Flash 7300 & IBM Flash 9500 all of which offer a fast, secure & resilient form of storage options that suit the needs of individual organizations. It is important to have highly secure & reliable flash storage because these types of storage systems possess significantly highly secure & reliable flash storage because these types of storage systems possess a significantly lesser risk of a data breach that is carried out by using the internet as a medium.

What are the features of IBM Flash Storage?
IBM Flash Storage systems help you assess the risk, ultimately helping you protect your business & data. The flash storage systems offered by IBM offer a wide variety of modernization tools like cloud compatibility & virtualization, which lets you scale and upgrade with ease. IBM Flash storage systems also carry data mobility without disruption & have an ultra-low latency rate of just 70 microseconds. Get a deeper understanding of the features of IBM Flash storage here

  • Storage made simple- seamless, secure management with the IBM Flash System Family.
  • Cost Efficient- IBM Flash Systems can get you an ROI of up to 359% in just about an 8-month payback.
  • Cyber Resiliency- Ensure continuity of operations by protecting your data with flash storage backup solutions that offer speed recovery from cyberattacks.
  • Intelligent Storage Options- With the help of AI, Predictive Analysis & IBM Storage Insights you get a flash storage option that is smarter & better in every sense.
  • Edge to Core to Cloud- Enable a seamless data mobility of on-premise & cloud storage options.
  • Statistics that give you an edge- IBM Flash storage options reduce admin efforts to manage storage by up to 60%, increase storage cost efficiency by 43% with the help of Artificial Intelligence & boasts an uptime of 99.99999% with the help of IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

IBM Flash Storage Options, Products & Benefits:

IBM FlashSystem 5000
With an intent of offering a less-complicated, hassle-free flash storage option IBM FlashSystem 5000 is an all-flash & hybrid storage option that simplifies data delivery. With its enterprise-class data services IBM FlashSystem5000 helps companies achieve the best balance between performance & affordability. The IBM Flash system offers 24NVMe high-availability flash devices in a 4U storage enclosure with cloud compatibility and easy scalability options.

IBM FlashSystem 5200
The IBM Flash System 5200 comes with a 12 NVMe high-availability flash devices in a 1U storage enclosure drawer with fully redundant canister components that prevent a single point of failure.
Like all other flash system storage options from IBM the IBM FlashSystem 5200 is cloud compatible as well.

IBM FlashSystem 7300
Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM FlashSystem 5200 offers enterprise-class capabilities such as deduplication, innovative data reduction options with compression, and automated thin provisioning—all of which improve capacity and efficiency so you can store more in less space.

IBM FlashSystem 9500
IBM FlashSystem 9500 provides petabytes of effective data storage in a very efficient four-rackunit chassis. It utilizes IBM FlashCore technology packaged into a 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) form factor and using an NVMe interface.  IBM FlashSystem 9500 can range up to 4.5 petabytes and deliver performance of 100 GB/s throughput or 1.6 million IOPS with a database-like workload.

IBM FlashSytem is a cost-effective, easy to use & secure flash storage solution that lets organizations solve their storage issues with IBM’s world class expertise. Small, Medium or Large sized organizations can take advantage of the scalability & data mobility features offers by IBM FlashSystem. With the help of IBM FlashSystem organizations can store, secure & manage data seamlessly across their entire IT infrastructure with ease. Learn more about IBM FlashSystem here.