IBM FlashSystem: The epitome of data mobility enhanced with cyber-resiliency & hybrid cloud data storage features  

IBM FlashSystem is a flash storage system that caters to enterprise-level storage needs by reducing cost, complexity & scalability concerns. The current technological sphere encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics & many complex computing operations which require humongous data. Data mobility, data security & data transfer speed plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of these operations. This is where IBM FlashSystem comes into play by offering comprehensive security and encryption features, hybrid cloud capabilities, and ultra-low-latency storage. The entire product range sports a Non Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)-optimized architecture with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology.   

IBM FlashSystem: Unparalleled versatility & security  

IBM FlashSystem is a versatile flash storage option that caters to changing requirements & delivers optimal flash management with a hardware-driven data encryption technology. The product line consists of four flash storage options namely, IBM Flash 5000, IBM Flash 5200, IBM Flash 7300 & IBM Flash 9500. IBM FlashSystems offers fast, secure & resilient storage options that suit the needs of individual organizations. Even though the product range has evolved to a great extent, one characteristic has remained the same: ultra-low storage latency and blazing system performance.   

Here are some key insights about IBM FlashSystem  

1.) IBM FlashSystem consists of NVMe-accelerated flash arrays with control enclosures that are 100 percent end-to-end NVMe enabled and Storage Class Memory (SCM)-capable. 

2.) The systems offer industry-leading performance and scalability with support for bare-metal, virtual, and containerized environments. 

3.) Artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced through the IBM Storage Insights analytics, resource management, and support platform. Plus, IBM Spectrum Virtualize functionality includes AI-based data placement for optimal data center performance and zero-downtime data migration.  

IBM FlashSystem features
IBM Flash Storage systems helps you assess the risk & helps in protecting data. The flash storage systems offered by IBM offer a wide range of modernization tools like cloud compatibility & virtualization, which lets you scale and upgrade with ease. IBM Flash storage systems also carry out data mobility without disruption & have an ultra-low latency rate of just 70 microseconds. Here are some salient features of IBM FlashSystem:   

1.) Storage made simple- seamless, secure management with the IBM FlashSystem Family.  

2.) Cost Efficient- IBM FlashSystems can get you an ROI of up to 359% in just about an 8-month payback.   

3.) Cyber Resiliency- Ensure continuity of operations by protecting your data with flash storage backup solutions that offer speed recovery from cyberattacks.  

IBM Flash storage is the culmination of IBM’s years of expertise, research & experience across the Information & Technology industry. It is a cost-effective, easy-to-use & secure flash storage solution that lets organizations solve their storage issues with IBM’s world-class expertise. With the help of IBM, FlashSystem organizations can store, secure & manage data seamlessly across their entire IT infrastructure with ease. Know more about IBM FlashSystem & what the product line has to offer here