With the growing challenges of exponential capacity growth, security breaches, and rising costs, IT organizations are looking for a better server solution that provides data privacy, security, and resilience as the foundation for their critical workloads operating in hybrid multi-cloud environments. IBM LinuxONE server family has the solution for all.  

Built on a uniquely secure, reliable, and scalable architecture, IBM® LinuxONE is a powerful, efficient platform for the Linux® operating system. IBM LinuxONE servers are low-cost; scale-up specialized enterprise servers that offer users more agility and flexibility than is available from x86 servers. In addition, these servers are better, faster, and more secure than any other server in the industry and provide a more stable production environment as they require far less human interaction, and through the elimination of the constant addition of new servers, less downtime is experienced. IBM LinuxONE server powers open source applications and vendor software, such as OracleDatabase, Kubernetes, KVM, Postgres, MariaDB, Docker, and hundreds of other applications.  

Unlike x86 solutions that require extensive, error-prone human intervention, IBM LinuxONE containers, and virtual servers take minutes to activate while physical resources can usually be added automatically in seconds. Furthermore, due to features like seamless, RAIM, invisible failover to spare CPU cores, and complete power redundancy, high availability is inherent in LinuxONE servers.  It provides 99.9999% or greater availability, performance, throughput, security (EAL 5+ certification), and better storage management, all while retaining the familiarity and simplicity of Linux. 

Key benefits of LinuxONE:

  • Ultimate uptime – virtually no downtime (99.999%) through the elimination of constant addition of new servers. 
  • Hardware Data Compression – Speed up performance and reduce storage requirements all while adding minimal overhead. 
  • End-to-end Security – Encryption built into the processor chip provides the highest level of proven security in the industry. 
  • Reduced complexity – LinuxONE servers are less complex and easier to operate effectively than other alternatives. Can integrate into your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure with little disruption. 
  • Lower operational costs – By running on fewer, more powerful and efficient cores, LinuxONE reduces application licensing costs. 
  • Easy upgradable- LinuxOne can easily upgrade it over a single weekend; there is no need to purchase new equipment. 

LinuxONE servers are available in new IBM’s Elastic Pricing Model that enables users to pay-for-use (hardware and software), pay-per-core, or rent with no upfront payment and right of return after only one year. This Elastic Pricing Model lets users take control of their IT costs while taking full advantage of the enterprise-grade Linux capabilities combined with the flexibility of open technology solutions.  

Available in single-frame and multi-frame servers, IBM LinuxONE server helps organizations achieve financial and IT flexibility, become more competitive, and drive innovation in this ever-evolving, digital world.