IBM LinuxOne: Smart, Secure & “Future Ready” servers for mission-critical workloads

The world is witnessing a massive change in terms of data management & processing. Since organizations across the world are accepting modernization, the scope for better, faster & secure systems increases in demand. With rising demand & scope comes in a list of negatives that include security issues, computing issues & scalability issues. The IBM LinuxOne is the perfect solution that resolves issues across all verticals of data management within an Organization. The IBMLinuxOne is a product of IBM’s world class expertise, knowledge about Linux & finesse in creating the most high-performing power systems globally.

Why IBM LinuxOne the right platform for Linux servers?
With its unique architecture designed to meet mission-critical workloads the IBM LinuxOne is probably the best platform to run Linux servers. It is important to understand that IBM and Linux have a deeply rooted history wherein both the entities have collaborated to come up with a long list of highly innovative and useful technologies. Moreover, IBM is a company that realized the potential of Linux, its open source code & its “future ready” scope. This means that IBM LinuxOne is not just a server that supports Linux, it IS a server that has been designed specifically to carry out & support everything Linux has to offer & that’s exactly why IBM LinuxOne is the right platform if you’re searching for a Linux compatible server for your organization. Here’s why companies opt for IBM LinuxOne:

  1. A smart, scalable & sustainable platform
  • By moving Linux applications to LinuxOne companies can reduce greenhouse emissions by 25% & reduce CO2 emissions by upto 946 metric tons. . Running workloads LinuxONE reduces data center costs by offering a smaller physical server footprint. (projected values)
  • The IBM LinuxOne can scale up to 8,000 Virtual Machines, the most of any single Linux system. LinuxONE is the world’s most advanced Linux system. Speaking about its capability the IBM LinuxOne can perform up to 30 billion interactions a day with more than 470,000 database accesses per second.
  • It provides organizations with an option to scale upto 8,000 virtual machines -the maximum capability of any Linux system. The IBM LinuxOne guarantees low latency & delivers an uptime of nearly 100% for business critical workloads.
  1. Lower TOC (Total Cost of Ownership)
    A research conducted by MOORS Insights & Strategy tells us that LinuxOne reduced TCO by an average of 60% as compared to x86 servers. These servers can save upto 59% more energy per year as compared to x86 systems that ran the same workload. IBM internal tests show the same OLTP workloads on OpenShift require 17 times fewer cores on LinuxONE III LT2 and deliver a 48% lower TCO over three years than compared x86 servers. An elastic pricing allows organizations to free up cash & lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Cyber-resilient, secure & protection against Malware
    The IBM Secure Boot for Linux provides the most secure protection against malicious 3rd party attacks & cyber-attacks. The IBM LinuxOne minimizes the impact of internal as well as external attacks by isolating workloads. In case the system faces a downtime due to some reasons the IBM Linux one can recover 50% faster with the help of Instant Recovery. With IBM LinuxOne you can now isolate your workload within your system & pair it with the capabilities of IBM storage. This lets you integrate your IT infrastructure into a secured network and maximize the benefits of high availability and recovery.

In a nutshell the IBM LinuxOne should definitely be the preferred choice not only because of IBM’s impeccable track record in making really powerful business machines but also because of the long, interesting & intimate history that IBM and Linux share, which paved way to some really innovative systems like IBM LinuxOne.