IBM LinuxONE is the product of the global tech giant’s endeavor to build sustainable, scalable & high-performing enterprise-level servers. It’s quite a challenge to engineer devices that find the perfect balance between performance & sustainability but what IBM has done might sound like a fairytale. Building a platform that can keep up with the openness of an OS like Linux is a challenge in itself, on top of that making it financially advantageous is another challenge. The last bit, encapsulating these two aspects within a sustainable mantle is a contrasting feature but what might sound impossible is a reality in full flesh. We bring you IBM LinuxONE- fast, secure, resilient, cost-effective & everything you need to run Linux at full pace. LinuxONE offers a competitive advantage that covers almost every aspect when it comes to delivering competitive advantage. The financial advantage of IBM LinuxONE servers is alluring to businesses since it can maximize ROI. We’ll be gathering insights, statistics & financial advantages of IBM LinuxONE servers in this blog.  

Financial advantages of IBM LinuxONE
IBM is not only known for designing & engineering innovative IT products but also known for its impeccable customer service and user experience. The tech giant has kept things simple- deliver high-performing products & ensure an unparoled sales user experience & things are no different when it comes to IBM LinuxONE. The first step in IBM’s strategy when it comes to LinuxONE was to introduce first-of-its-kind pricing for enterprise computing. Aptly called “Elastic Pricing” which refers to cloud-like pricing but for on-prem computing. Flexible pricing allows enterprises to have better control over IT costs which form a major chunk of enterprise-level businesses. By holding the reigns over on-premise pricing rates and terms one can take full advantage of Linux & the flexibility of open technology solutions.   

  1. Recent TCO studies by IBM show that LinuxONE cost savings versus a comparable x86 environment have been impressive. On average, LinuxONE offers a 60% lower TCO over five years than on compared x86 servers.
  2. Elastic pricing allows the business to purchase the capacity that is required and scale as per convenience. Customers can pay-for-use, pay-per-core, or rent with no upfront payment and return after one year, making it an ideal & scalable server solution. 
  3. Every penny saved is a penny earned & IBM has applied this to the LinuxONE lineup. IBM LinuxONE saves an average of 59% more per year in power consumption & requires 75% less floor space than compared to x86 systems running workloads with the same throughput. This additional savings on floor space & energy consumption further reduces TCO & yield a better ROI.  

IBM LinuxONE: Features & Statistics  

IBM LinuxONE is not just a server that supports Linux, it is a server that has been designed specifically to carry out & support everything Linux has to offer & that’s exactly why IBM LinuxONE is the right platform if you’re searching for a Linux-compatible server for your organization. This high-performing yet sustainable design by IBM makes it an ideal option during a time when concerns about the environment & high performing IT infra are growing steadily. The IBM LinuxONE is the perfect solution that resolves issues across all verticals of data management within an organization. Here are some statistics & features of LinuxONE:   

  1. By moving Linux applications to LinuxONE companies can reduce greenhouse emissions by 25% & reduce CO2 emissions by up to 946 metric tons. Running workloads LinuxONE reduces data center costs by offering a smaller physical server footprint.
  2. These servers can save up to 59% more energy per year as compared to x86 systems that ran the same workload. IBM internal tests show the same OLTP workloads on OpenShift require 17 times fewer cores on LinuxONE III LT2 and deliver a 48% lower TCO over three years than compared to x86 servers.

Be it in terms of performance, sustainability, or cost-effectiveness, IBM LinuxONE is undoubtedly the best server platform to deploy Linux. The server family from IBM has covered all the previously mentioned features & brought out a supremely innovative product that’s built for the future. Enterprises across the world that leverage the potential of an open OS like Linux are also looking for an equally capable server solution & IBM LinuxONE is exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, when we look at the history of both IBM & Linux, the picture becomes clear as day- IBM LinuxONE is the only platform your Linux should run on.