IBM LinuxONE: The most high performing platform to extract the open-source power of Linux. 

IBM LinuxONE sports a unique architectural frame that’s designed to tackle mission critical workloads. IBM’s sustainable design is also one of the highest performing platforms to deploy Linux. This IT infra setup allows companies to leverage the full potential of Linux & meet their business requirements with ease. IBM and Linux have a deeply rooted history wherein both the entities have collaborated to come up with a long list of highly innovative and useful technologies. Moreover, IBM is a company that realized the potential of Linux, its open-source code & its “future ready” scope. It only makes sense to deploy Linux on IBM’s platform that has been engineered to maximize output- IBM LinuxONE.

IBM LinuxONE: Statistics
In a quest to build a sustainable future and engineer high-performing platforms IBM has developed IBM LinuxONE. The platform has been designed to consolidate the workloads of thousands of x86 servers onto a single, high-performance system, using less energy. This high-performing yet sustainable design by IBM makes it an ideal option during a time where concerns about the environment & high performing IT infra are growing steadily. The IBM LinuxONE is the perfect solution that resolves issues across all verticals of data management within an organization. The IBM LinuxONE is a product of IBM’s world class expertise, knowledge about Linux & finesse in creating the most high-performing power systems globally.   

  1. According to a survey in late 2019 and early 2020, of servers, IBM’s platform was reported by global respondents as having experienced no unplanned system downtime due to hardware flaws.  
  2. By moving Linux applications to LinuxONE companies can reduce greenhouse emissions by 25% & reduce CO2 emissions by upto 946 metric tons. 
  3. IBM LinuxONE can scale upto 8,000 virtual machines -the maximum capability of any Linux system.  
  4. By deploying IBM LinuxONE companies can reduce energy consumption by 75%, save floor space area by 50%, and the CO2e footprint by over 850 metric tons every year. 

IBM LinuxONE: Everything you need to know
According to a global study around 48% of CEOs across industries say sustainability is one of the highest priorities for their organization in the next two to three years. Keeping this as a perspective, what IBM has done with their entire product range, including LinuxONE, is truly fascinating. Data centers account for a major chunk of energy consumption for any organization. By just switching to LinuxONE, companies can save millions in energy consumption. LinuxONE not only boosts performance but also reduces TCO, steadily & gives a better ROI over the course of time.  

  1. IBM LinuxONE is engineered to enable clients to run workloads at sustained high density and increase capacity by turning on unused cores, without increasing energy consumption. 
  2. LinuxONE servers can have up to 200 cores running at 5.2 GHz, and up to 40 TB of memory. 
  3. IBM LinuxONE is supported by IBM ecosystem partners like Clari5, Illumio, Metaco, MongoDB, NGINX, Nth Exception, Fiorano Software, Fujitsu Limited, Pennant, SQ Solution, Sysdig and Temenos. 
  4. LinuxONE’s cloud compatibility allows teams of developers to deliver portable and agile solutions without having to learn a new operating system. 
  5. The IBM Secure Boot for Linux provides the most secure protection against malicious 3rd party attacks & cyber-attacks. The IBM LinuxONE minimizes the impact of internal as well as external attacks by isolating workloads. 

 When we consider the current world scenario, environmental concerns haunt enterprises across the world. Top level executives are looking for sustainable alternatives that will let them manage their business without compromising on performance. Moreover, businesses are shifting to a path that’s more complex & requires unimaginable computing power which clashes with the growing environmental concerns. IBM LinuxONE is undoubtedly the best solution to all these problems & there are studies, research & various global client testimonials that concur with this statement. IBM LinuxONE is the highest performing platform to extract the open-source power of Linux which can benefit your business & the environment at the same time.