Designed to offer a platform to meet the unique needs of enterprise hybrid cloud computing, the latest generation of IBM Power technology is an ongoing commitment to investing in the world’s most innovative platform.  With up to 30 percent more performance per core, workload capacity, and 33 percent lower energy consumption than the IBM POWER9 processor, the IBM POWER10 is designed to deliver performance and agility with end-to-end on a hybrid-cloud-ready platform. 

Key highlights of IBM Power E1080 

  • Scales efficiently with 30 percent more performance per core than x86 Xeon platinum. 
  • Lowers energy consumption by 33% for the same workload running on a Power E980 server 
  • Includes 4X more encryption engines, resulting in 2.5X faster AES encryption of data at rest and in use than the Power E980. 
  • Protects data from core to cloud with new in-core defense for Return-Oriented Programming attacks  
  • Supports Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Post Quantum Encryption  
  • Delivers 4.1X greater throughput per core for Red Hat OpenShift containerized workloads 
  • Streamlines insights and automation with 5X faster AI interferencing per socket for high precision math 
  • Responds faster to business demands with world record two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark for 8 sockets. 

Supports Multi-Petabyte Memory Clusters 

Through a combination of hardware and software capabilities, IBM POWER10 supports a wide range of flexible deployments for hybrid cloud and on-premises workloads. IBM POWER10 supports Multi-Petabyte Memory Clusters through a new technology called Memory Inception. With this technology, IBM Power10 processors allow physical memory to be pooled or clustered in IBM POWER10-based systems, creating multi-petabyte-sized memory clusters. With support for multi-petabyte memory clusters, IBM Power10 offers both cloud users and providers driving cost and energy savings by providing more capacity using fewer servers and leasing fewer resources to meet IT needs. 

Support end-to-end security with quantum-safe cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption 

With the support for quantum-safe cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption, IBM POWER10 offers hardware memory encryption for end-to-end security and significantly faster cryptography performance. Further, to bring new enhancements to container security, IBM POWER10, co-developed with the IBM POWER10 firmware, delivers new hardware-enforced container protection and isolation capabilities. This means if a container gets compromised by some intrusion, the POWER10 processor will prevent other containers in the same Virtual Machine (VM) from being affected by the same intrusion. 

Support for different operating systems 

With the aim of providing customers a range of benefits in hybrid cloud and other deployments, IBM POWER10 supports Red Hat’s larger software portfolio and also offers other significant hybrid cloud-focused features. To simplify hybrid cloud management, the new Power E1080 servers can be quickly and easily integrated with the Power Virtual Server offering co-located in IBM Cloud.  

Along with its Red Hat-enabled capabilities, the Power E1080 also supports hybrid cloud-ready applications across AIX, Linux, and IBM i, including  SAP HANA, IBM Cloud Paks 4.0, and EPIC, as well as IBM Power-specific software. 


IBM continues to drive new advances and derive fresh value from its Power silicon technologies, and bring a longstanding technology to bear on new and emerging strategic objectives. The new IBM Power E1080 serves to ramp up digital transformation by providing an innovative new backbone for today’s hybrid cloud infrastructures and support for the evolving needs of modern enterprises.