IBM Power10: Improve business performance & security with class-leading reliability

IBM Power10 servers have been leading the race when it comes to high-performing servers. By deploying Power10 servers, businesses can respond faster to as well as protect their data with IBM’s impeccable security. Moreover, these cloud enabled servers enhance data mobility allowing organizations to utilize their resources to the full potential. These servers enable organizations to modernize their systems with a hybrid cloud experience and meet enterprise demands around capacity, security, elasticity, energy efficiency, and scalability. IBM has been the industry leader when it comes to developing business machines & they have channeled their experience into building a family of business servers that meet the requirements of businesses of every size. When you pair all these things with the sustainable power consumption features of the Power10 servers, you get an IT infra solution that makes sense not just for the present but for the future as well.  

IBM Power10: Features & Key Differentiators
IBM Power10 is a platform that can provide greater flexibility, security, and efficiency around the systems, which is the need of the hour for organizations looking to scale & ramp-up their IT infrastructure. The revolutionary 7nm Power10 processor, the IBM Power E1080 delivers 3x improvement efficiencies with 33% less energy consumption for a frictionless experience. IBM Power servers have been engineered to deliver high performance & benefit businesses by providing:

  1. Faster Response Time
    Pay-per-use creates agility across all verticals of the business & makes scalability a whole lot easier. A cloud enabled IT infrastructure enables data mobility & provides a seamless user experience to both the customer & service provider.
  2. Cloud to core data protection
    IBM Power10 servers provide end-to-end security across cloud storage options be it public or private without impacting performance in any way. Protect data from core to cloud with accelerated encryption and new in-core defense against Return-Oriented Programming attacks.
  3. Leverage the power of 5x Faster AI & 99.99% Reliability
    The new IBM Power10 generation of servers are designed to securely and efficiently scale the world’s most business-critical workloads from ERPs and high-performance databases to AI inferencing and machine learningA survey of 1,200 corporations across 28 vertical markets gives IBM Power a 99.999% or greater availability rating. Businesses can streamline insight and automation with 5X faster AI inferencing per socket versus IBM Power servers.

The Verdict
The IBM Power server family includes five members namely, IBM Power S1014, IBM Power S1022, IBM Power S1024, IBM Power E1050 & IBM Power E1080. Engineered for agility, these servers are designed to handle workloads of different organization sizes. The options range from 1-socket to 4-socket options that enable optimization of data intensive applications, hybrid cloud deployments & come with industry-leading reliability and availability. 

Business requirements have been growing at an exponential rate & that has a direct effect on computing demands. The IT infrastructure industry has been innovating products that not only meet the current demands but are also “future ready”. Industry leaders like IBM have been engineering scalable & future-ready systems like IBM Power10 that accelerate business growth, enhance data mobility & come with a wide range of tech-compatibility be it AI, machine learning or cloud. IBM Power10 servers are engineered to take your organization a notch higher with their performance for real-time IT requirements