The increased incidences of data breaches and cyber-attacks have provoked organizations to rush towards updated security and data protection programs. Seeing the current increased cyber intrusions and crimes, IBM has provided robust modern data security solutions to the world’s growing needs for data while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring recovery with business continuity. Let’s read on to know more. 

These modern data protection solutions provide advanced capabilities to address the challenges of today’s world, workload support in hybrid multi-cloud environments, and increased data retention on tape and object storage to increase cyber resiliency. IBM’s Modern Data Protection Solution functions two-way backup and restore paradigms to something much more cost-efficient, multi-directional, dynamic, and resilient. 

Traditional data protection solutions Vs Modern data protection solutions 

Traditional data protection solutions prioritize data backup and recovery; however, modern data protection solutions support workload in hybrid multi-cloud environments, rapidly recover data and cyber breaches, and boost the analytics efficacy and efficiency of development. 

To properly meet expectations, companies need a solid foundation that supports data retention, retrieval, and reuse in their hybrid multi-cloud environment and, most critically, support cyber security goals.  

The purposes of modern data storage are: 

  • Empowering businesses with the use of secondary storage datasets such as snapshots and/or replicas. 
  • Make journey transparent and smooth for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments 
  • To make data always protected, available, and reliable 
  • Operational recovery from cyber-attacks and disasters for business continuity 
  • Data recovery for data reuse for multiple and strategic business purposes 

Benefits of having modern data protection solutions 

IBM’s Modern Data Protection Solutions approach can be a game changing solution for your business. 

Increase business agility: By securing backed up data, and ensuring that data is protected from cyberthreats, IBM modern data protection solutions provide organizations the capability to utilize existing data for multiple uses. 

Improved Cyber Resilience and Disaster Recovery: In the event of a cyber-attack, IBM’s modern data protection solutions provide organizations a disaster recovery strategy that isolates business-critical backups from the network and protecting data with irreversible or WORM (write once, read many) backend storage. 

Data insights: IBM Modern data protection solutions provide organizations useful data insights while predicting and preparing for future storage requirements so that organizations experience rapid help to resolving any issues that may arise. 

Supports containerized workloads: IBM’s modern data protection supports containerized workloads that can help organizations improve application performance and reduce OpEx and CapEx. 

Benefit of hybrid cloud: With IBM’s advanced data protection, organizations can choose to cloudburst from on-premises to public or private cloud infrastructure with much lower complexity, cost, and tedious workloads. 

IBM’s modern data protection strategy has become a leader in the quest to lead organizations wishing to adopt digital transformations within their enterprises.